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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Warm and Mainly Dry Through Month's End

Great Blue Heron "Standing Post" on a Cool Friday Morning - Cocoa Beach, Florida
TODAY: Last of the 'more cool' mornings appears to be at hand today as the continued trend of  'at to above 'normal temperature' ranges ' for this time of year continues. 

There is some thin higher clouds streaming over head easily discernible from infrared satellite imagery in the pre-dawn hours that appear will be with us another day into tomorrow as can be seen below. 

As a result of the high clouds, afternoon highs will be tempered down just bit from what they could be otherwise. The afternoon sea breeze might hold off today though, so the immediate coast line (east of US1) might experience a taste of the warmer temperatures that have been occurring inland.

There has been a rather large temperature gradient (difference in temperatures inland from beachside) the past few days, but today might not be so much the case (nor the case in days ahead).

Apart from the higher clouds from time to time, and likely some spotty lower clouds, not much change from what we've seen the past two days.

SUNDAY: Again, not much change other than that the morning might be just a bit warmer than has been recently , solidly in the mid 60Fs rather than mid-upper 50Fs. High clouds again might be in the picture.

MONDAY-TUESDAY:   A storm system will eventually be developing in the Southern Plains with an attendant front. This system will progress mainly toward the Northeast states with the attendant front never making it to Florida.  

Meanwhile, the ridge axis pressed to the south of Central Florida (as of this morning) will hold fast for several days and attempt to lift north heading into Tuesday. In doing so, with weak low level wind at play, an inverted coastal trough could form Monday night into Tuesday and convergence along that boundary could lead to some showers along the east coast from South to Central somewhere from overnight Monday (South) toward Central (mid-morning - early afternoon). 

This is the only risk of 'rain' foreseen for several days from that point on ward. As of 'onshore flow' the afternoon on Tuesday might not be as warm as will be Sunday-Monday (at the coast specifically).

WEDNESDAY - SATURDAY: Eventually wind becomes more S-SSW, varying in degrees each day once again. As a result, both mornings and afternoons will be above normal , with lows near 70F and highs (especially inland) in the lower-mid 80Fs. 

Temperatures east of US1 will also be much warmer on some days than they have been recently, but that depends on whether (or not) a sea-breeze sets up. If it does, it will remain cooler at the beaches; if not, expect lower-mid 80Fs.

Ocean water temperature at The Port of Cape Canaveral is currently reading a cool  65F, so any wind coming off those cool waters is bound to affect the ambient air temperature nearby , especially notable directly on the beach to within a few blocks of it in the afternoons.

On some days, an 86F (for example) west of US1 can be a 75F on the beach once the sea breeze is established.

Cloud conditions will vary during this 'window' from clear some days to partly cloudy others.

Wind will be light through the duration.

 In  other words, rather unchanging and pleasantly warm weather for this time of year.

TEMPERATURE GRAPHIC FOR FRIDAY, NEXT WEEK would imply mid 70Fs along the east coast by early evening:

late in the day, continued dry):

EVEN NEXT SUNDAY NOW- FUTURE: Though there 'might' be a day or two where showers could form inland due to sea breeze collisions, in general, the all clear has been sounded until at least NEXT SUNDAY (other than a small shower risk this coming Tuesday). 

We are now in the extremely unreliable time frame so ought not start hedging bets,
though there is a trend that a storm system might bring a bit more inclement weather to the state come the first week of March OR that a front could effect the state with cooler weather toward the very last day of February - but even then, nothing less than 50Fs for lows and 70Fs for highs is foreseen (in other word, normal).

MARCH: Does all this warmer weather mean winter is in essence, 'over'?


There is still a chance we could see much cooler , jacket donning weather ahead any time
in March into the first half of April

March  is considered also "Severe Weather Month" in Florida (though we haven't but barely seen any severe weather in Central Florida for over a decade now during the month of March).  

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