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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

No News is Great News for Central/South Florida!

Very Short Post Today Due to lack of Weather You Say? That's least in regards to Central and South Florida. I'm taking a break from going into details regarding chances of rain (which begin for Central late Wednesday), cloud cover (minor impacts but occasional bouts of those beginning late Monday becoming cloudy into midweek), winds (light to a breeze), and temperatures (coolest along the coast even so, pleasant everywhere), to precipitation (chances begin Wednesday afternoon).

It's going to be a 'big weather week' for much of the country in regards to the potential for severe weather over a portion of the Deep South, but the bigger story will be huge snow fall totals (in the double digits to over 2 feet!) and icy layers depending on where one lives. We'll be hearing all about this all week from Oklahoma eastward through the Ohio Valley and the northeast. We'll be hearing about the frigid wind chills, people being buried in mass quantities of snow flakes, some power outages, the whole shebang. We'll be hearing about flight delays, people stocking up on supplies, and traffic accidents.

The image above is the forecast for low temperatures Saturday morning. This sums it up for what will matter most here in regard to all of the above stated by looking at the nice 'orange, warm' color of South and Central Florida. Granted, like I said, we will introduce rain and clouds into the equation during mid-week. But the big news for today is regard to what we WON'T have here. Will return to the regularly scheduled post tomorrow. It's Sunday. Enjoy...I'll enjoy watching the show unfold with shorts and flip-flops on. I'll trade not having exciting weather for not have winter weather at this time of year.

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