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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Strong Storms Possible East Side north of Vero Later Today

Anti-crepuscular Rays Late August 2015  Afternoon Facing East

TODAY: With all eyes on Tropical Storm Hermine to be potential minimal hurricane focus would obviously be on that system. The post   will not address those concerns as they are self evident and can be investigated at leisure.

Locally for North Central to South Central Florida there remains a chance that localized affects including an east coast sea breeze combined with a rather moist and unstable atmosphere accompanied perhaps by an upper vorticity lobe spiraling out in the mid levels from  Hermine's environment could contribute to some fast moving and small but rather potent storm activity, though isolated, along mainly the east side of the state.

Chance of heavy but brief downpours so rainfall totals not expected to be as significant as yesterday's (at least not at this point) but could see some severe thunderstorm warnings, if not even a tornado warning (mainly from near the Cape and north later today.

The other region more directly related to the Tropical System is from Tampa and North up toward Tallahassee and east to Jax into tonight but mostly closer toward I-10 into the overnight and early Friday.

FRIDAY: As anticipated, a band of trailing moisture will drag it's tail behind Hermine into Sunday before breaking up . Friday does not appear at time to be a very active day so will leave well enough alone and see what's on the plate tomorrow morning in that regard. Guidance is remaining low key on rain chances however up to this point.

SATURDAY/SUNDAY: Chance of isolated to maybe scattered thunderstorms and showers early afternoon into early evening almost anywhere Central Florida with activity to move off the east coast.

MONDAY-TUESDAY: These days look like low rain chance days as all things return to normal.

BEYOND: Another one if not two more 'systems' yet to be per se could affect either directly or indirectly the state up through mid-September. What was shown by the GFS and ECMWF models as a 'hurricane to be' is now being shown as but a mere tropical wave to pass south of Florida. Time will tell, but it does appear that at least some tropical wave like activity with increasing chances of oceanic like showers in the earlier parts of the day as moisture increases again (after a drying out earlier in the week) could start up again later in the week, typical of very late summer into early fall weather. Said morning type activities along the east coast could begin again come Wednesday and/or Thursday mornings and continue for several days from there on out...including afternoon showers/storms inland to the west coast.

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