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Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year's Day In Images


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Quick Warm Up to Commence This Evening East Coast (Colder Tuesday)

Cold Start to a Fiery Sky - Friday, January 3rd, 2014
(Images Follow Sequentially in Remainder of Post)

TODAY: Continued partly cloudy through cloudy conditions near the east coast of Central spreading slowly inland with time with some higher clouds to begin to stream overhead late today, tonight, from the west.  As noted in the previous post, the high today was experienced just after midnight and will occur again around midnight tonight (at the east coast beaches south of the Cape through the keys).  Wind NNW-N to veer to N-NNE and eventually NE-ENE-if not E by Saturday sunrise with lows from the Cape and south east of US1 but mainly on the immediate beach side as much as 15-18 degrees warmer than this morning's low temperatures...clouds over night might actually make it even warmer by sunrise but not significantly so since little day time heating is being received in the midst of full cold air advection early this afternoon.

Continued partly cloudy through cloudy conditions near the east coast of Central spreading slowly inland with time with some higher clouds to begin to stream overhead late today, tonight
SATURDAY: Continued chance of cloud cover to varying degrees with temperatures only warming slowly where clouds persist, but still reaching a good 15 degrees higher than today if not more in some locations South Central interior areas.  

SUNDAY: What is left of the stretched out frontal boundary well to our south as of now will begin to retrace its steps northward, with a chance of showers most of South Florida and toward the immediate east coast working from the South to as far north as I-4 by after 2-4AM but ending for the most part by sunrise as steering winds aloft will be increasing from the WSW-SW precluding an onshore or parallel to the coast rain shower motions. Morning Sunday low could be 'close to 70F' from the Cape, south.

SUNDAY AFTERNOON: Much warmer with a high in the mid-upper 70Fs if not a few lower 80Fs but with ample cloud coverage. As of a few GFS model runs, it looks like a 'pre-frontal trough will evolve which will be a case for rain-showers of more convective but low topped/high based nature again south of I-4 if not south of a line from Titusville to North Tampa Bay area from early afternoon through sunset. So far it does not look like there will be any 'thunder'. The next cold snap which most everyone will be mostly aware of, if not already via news outlets, will be arriving now forecast by the GFS to cross Central Florida from the hours just before dawn through an hour or so just after sunrise Monday.

MONDAY: Frontal passage with cloud cover but not much in rain, with front close to 'Dead Central Dividing Line"  near 10AM, meaning cold air advection and gradually clearing skies during the late morning hours into the afternoon from north to south. The high temperature thus on Monday might well be at sunrise through that time then fall and level a bit during the afternoon...temperatures falling through the 50Fs and into the 40Fs as the sun sets or shortly thereafter.

TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY: Very dry with dew-points possibly into the single digits toward nearly 0F. Possible Freeze Warning one or both mornings, especially North Central Florida (interior)/North Florida. Lows at the beaches could be in the upper  to mid-30Fs meaning a good 10F degrees colder than this morning and breezy as well. So far hard freeze not anticipated for Central Florida counties but further north entirely possible (e.g. Lake County). Highs Tuesday might not make it out of the 40Fs but inevitably many updates to this post will be necessary prior to the upcoming 'event'.

By Wednesday morning a transition will have begun much like what will occur tonight with onshore gradient winds eventually warming the immediate coast to possibly near 58F by sunrise Wednesday (20F degrees warmer than the previous morning) while areas to the west deep into SW Florida will be a good 15-25 degrees colder still without the immediate Atlantic waters' influence.

BEYOND: Gradual warming trend with varying sky conditions for quite some time is shown so far for nearly 8 days straight, but details suffer greatly this far out in time. That being, not big cold spells so far are being hinted at. A big severe weather event might unfold for parts of the Deep South in the 'beyond' time frame though, with more to come on the details as the time draws nigh.

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