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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Near Record High Temperatures Upcoming Week

TODAY: Moist morning pre-sunrise this Sunday already as Atlantic Ridge holds fast barring any cold fronts through the mid-term from impacting Peninsular Florida. Deeper moisture to work north during the day with an increase in clouds today as opposed to yesterday's full sunshiny warmth.

Chance of showers could increase from The South northward heading toward sunset into the late evening hours (Central Florida). The deeper moisture might continue further north into mid-day Monday as wind shifts from east to southeast; then eventually south by ...

MONDAY: ...a Breezier Monday morning with decreasing rain chance. Monday afternoon is seeing southwest wind and very warm with highs in the mid-80Fs unless (and this will be the case on any of potential record high temperature breaking days this week)..clouds prohibit peak heating at prime time in the noon-3 PM time frame.

TUESDAY: Front now on approach appears to lose identity near the I-10 . Continued moist and a bit 'sticky' especially early morning hours as winds decrease. Another front will be following toward the end of the work-week in the very progressive weather pattern that is affecting mainly the Western U.S. and across the far north. Attendant low pressure system today forming over Oklahoma will be lifting NNE toward the Canadian Border with the next one in line to do something similar.

WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY: Two more very warm days, especially away from the coastal influence of the sea breeze. Chances of showers are very low south of I-4. Thursday seems as of now to be the better bet for a chance of some 'near record highs' (mid-upper 80Fs range) once again, though clouds will be a deciding factor on this day as well.

Reindeer Run on a Pleasant December Morning
FRIDAY: As of early this Sunday morning, the next front to impact all of the state is slated for Friday into Saturday. The latest GFS shows that it could be warmer at sunrise Friday morning south of I-4 (Central Florida) than it will be during peak heating hours Friday afternoon with Fropa in the mid-morning hours. Granted, timing will be an issue and will surely change in the next several days.  

Could end up being very cool next Saturday, but again, update will follow as this is a newly emerging portrayal for next weekend that was not showing up even only yesterday (at least not as cool as shown with highs on...

...SATURDAY: ...barely if even making it to 70F. ..if even 60F (!?) and very breezy from the north. Not long lived though as by SUNDAY morning winds begin to swing easterly and decrease with slow air-mass modification already in full-swing with highs remaining only in the mid-60Fs. Will see if the GFS holds on to the 'shift' in future runs. So far, this weekend looks like everything next weekend will not be.

Saturday Morning , Cape Canaveral

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