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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Much Cooler Monday & Wednesday, Warm Up into Christmas Eve ?

On this date in 2010, beachside bird baths froze over 

29F in Cape Canaveral and colder elsewhere 12/14/2010

THIS WEEKEND: Warm with periods of clouds. The extent of how warm it will be as winds become more southerly to southwest will be contingent upon cloud cover. Currently it is a bit cloudy in this location but suspect with some heating the morning inversion will break and make way for partly cloudy skies which then might cloud right back up again with more heating. High clouds are not far away either, so either way suspect the north half of the state will see more clouds than not at some level whereas South Florida appears will be   partly cloudy all day while North Florida will be cloudy to mostly cloudy and a bit cooler as a result.  

Sunday will again be warm mainly South 1/2 of state as a frontal boundary will be gliding southward during the day, to be located close to a  Palm Bay/Sarasota line by 1pm. Cloud cover to accompany the front and maybe some sprinkles with better chances of rain north of I-4 and again in the afternoon south of Palm Bay toward the east side of the state toward West Palm Beach area or further south yet still. Winds becoming west to NW behind the front. According to the latest guidance the drier air doesn't really start to move in until near sunset and then phases in gradually under NW-NNW winds, but mostly so after 1AM Monday morning though we will definitely feel it within an hour or so after dark. 

It is at that time (1AM to sunrise) temperatures will be most notably very cool to almost cold as far south as Punta Gorda and through Central Florida except east of US1 and more so along the A1A strip from Cape Canaveral and south. Regardless, it will be a very cool to an early day cold one relatively speaking for a start, but remain cool all day with highs remaining in the mid-upper 60Fs (colder north) and lower 70Fs South. 

Quick swing around to easterly winds overnight into Tuesday will make for a warmer day but another impulse in the mid levels will give cause to swing the winds back to NNW-N and make for some more cool to coolish mornings through Friday with afternoon highs in the upper 60Fs but gradually warming with time by the weekend and into early next week as winds become more southerly with time (Christmas is coming).

The bigger question next is what will occur Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day. The model guidance is varied vastly in this regard from very cold (the coldest of the year so far) to 'not so fast buddy'...latest run shows 'nothing unusual' but a bit of a cool down. Point being, too soon to say for certain but timing would be about right for a frontal passage based on the latest rhythm of the atmospheric wave frequency that has been in place for about 2 weeks now. 

Things change, and The Conductor seems to still be deciding which Opus Movement to select for a Welcoming Song to Christmas Day.

Yesterday morning around the same time as 3 years ago.

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