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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Time for Shorts and Possibly Severe Weather Late Thursday Evening

Sunrise Service Observers Easter Morning in Cocoa Beach, Florida
TODAY: Sunny, pleasant, and mostly clear. Joyfully Beautified Easter To you!

MONDAY: Slight chance of late afternoon and early evening showers, possibly will need to introduce some thunder in a few areas along and east of I-95 along any sea breeze convergence boundaries after 4 or 5PM up and down the east coast as a front glides down the coast which will have only a minor impact on the temperatures.

TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY: Initially northerly winds on Tuesday will swing to the east to east-southeast by nightfall and become more southeast on Wednesday . Highs in the mid-upper 70Fs near beaches but coolest along A1A to the dunes where ocean temperature effects of cool water will be ongoing into late April when an onshore wind prevails.

THURSDAY: Model guidance has been consistent for a least a rainy or stormy period sometime late day Thursday and more so over night toward the 10PM -3AM time frame. Although instability is not ample alone for strong storms, vertical velocities are nuts 'high' on the GFS model,  regardless,  with good mid-level lapse rates from cold air aloft and turning wind profiles could result in at least a severe thunderstorm if not tornado watch late Thursday. Much to watch for in this regard , but for now, a heads up. Either way, rain chances look quite good up to this point in time spreading across the state beginning early afternoon from the west and north and into Central Florida near or after sunset .

FRIDAY: Chance of rain continues from Central and South through at least noon time but quickly dwindles to zero as north winds set in. This time period will need even more fine tuning than the Thursday outlook to see exactly how long and where rain will linger. Good news is, there is almost no cold air behind this front. Hopefully for  "the warm air preferred"  this non-event temperature wise frontal boundary will set the trend. It will soon to be too late for much of a potent cold air mass to impact the area. The last cold spell was a good 10-20 degrees below normal with record lows set in many locations, sometimes consecutive mornings in a row.

BEYOND: Little chance of rain with a quick warm up to near normal temperatures and dry toward all off the following week.

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