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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Three Cold Days Ahead to Commence Overnight- Tonight

Cold days EMERGENCY  beginning Friday morning, although not as cold as in this image. We might be lucky to see blue sky to much of a degree for Friday and Saturday, unlike this pristine image shows . More below.

FRIDAY/SATURDAY: Okay, not quite an emergency, but this post does have urgency. Late day post this Thursday evening. Post haste make not waste, so it will be made brief.  

A second cold front after yesterday's, can't even tell one went through given the warm air  today, is on the approach as noted in Wednesday's post. The front will be across Central Florida between 3AM -7AM Friday morning  and   approaching the north shore of Lake Okeechobee during sunrise. Wind behind the front becomes northwest. Skies should remain partly cloudy at times over night..with mildly cooling temperatures as would be expected after sunset. 

The bigger change will be post-cold front early Friday as full cold air advection occurs during peak heating on Friday. This will offset the normal diurnal heating cycle, and in fact, temperatures will likely FALL all morning after sunrise toward noon or early afternoon. Highs Central remaining in the mid-50s and lower 50Fs far north central to upper 40Fs further yet north. South Central and South to be in the low-mid 60Fs, and maybe some upper 60Fs far south.  

Good chance it will become at least mostly cloudy mid afternoon as dense jet stream cirrus clouds and 500mb cirrostratus clouds are swept well overhead, blocking the sun's rays .

Despite the cloud cover blanket potential, lows by Saturday morning might still fall to the mid-upper 30F north half toward the lower-mid 40Fs extreme East coast (east of US1 toward Canaveral and South) and south Florida. Saturday appears will be the coldest day of this set up from sunrise to set, cooler than Friday by several degrees round the clock with continued cloudiness seeming to be a good bet. If the sun can be shining more than my line of thinking is this evening, temperatures will be easily 5 degrees warmer than noted in this post if not more. That does not appear to be likely though, even if the clouds are not as prevalent. Point is, back to the jackets and wind chills for a time.

SUNDAY: Frost possible Central and Northern Interiors, and warmer all areas by noon time or so, with highs into the lower-mid 60Fs Central, warmer south. East coast overnight lows Sunday night (east of US1 from Port Canaveral and South) might fall only very little after dark Sunday night.

MONDAY: Warming trend all parts of the state with a quick rebound. Onshore easterly winds   becoming more SSE toward Wednesday will prevent overnight coastal lows from falling below the low 60Fs. That is a big turn around to have overnight lows possibly warmer than the day time highs of Saturday and Sunday . 

BEYOND: The last Long Range model indicates a trend toward a chance of rain on Wednesday with another front in the area; however, temperatures are not expected at this point to fall to the low degrees of this front tonight or that previous one last week. If this year is like that of last year, this next cold snap might be the 'end all of end alls' for this season other than " onesies or twosies cold duration 'snaps' " 

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