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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Unusually "Warm" Today - Possible Showers/Storms in Only Select Locations

TODAY: Very warm today, warmer than yesterday even..but not quite record breaking? (See below statistics from the Melbourne NWS for an example pertaining to their area of responsibility in Central Florida as a start.) In regard to rain chances the more prevalent agreed upon location is over interior portions of South Florida. The only other spot that has been consistently appeared in the GFS model  across 4 runs is eastern portions of North Central late, as of after 6-7pm through even after midnight. That area, if it occurs, has included that area shown in the graphic (in general). It might only end up being cloud cover in some areas if at all, especially over Brevard or East Central Brevard.

BEYOND: Frontal boundaries at various levels across the state at various times as the parent lows are well to the north of Florida, but the predominant fixture is high pressure now over the Southeast Gulf building northward and expanding into most of the Deep South region and even further north than that in coming days making for a more northerly flow with a steering toward the western component. This would mean mostly dry conditions for the east coast south of I-4 to maybe the Cape area at times for several days, with most activity otherwise west of I-95.

The only change to the pattern is shown in the form of something from the tropics now referred to as an Invest (an area under investigation).  With that high in place, nothing will be coming in from the west for quite a while. 

Guidance has varied on strength and direction of this area of interest from run to run, but regardless of what this area does at least at this point, no significant changes in the current unfolding pattern is shown to be revealed until the August 26-27 time frame...or in about a week as things stand as of the 2AM run of the Global Forecast System (GFS) forecast model. 

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