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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

"The wind blows to the south and turns to the north; round and round it goes, ever returning on its course".

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Coldest Days of Season Late Wednesday Night through Early Friday

Morning Surf Fishing Cape Canaveral
TODAY Frontal boundary slicing its way across North Florida slowly progressing south with time today will make it into Dead Central only much later tonight around 2-4AM. Large blanket of light to moderate (occasionally heavier) rain across North Florida north of I-4 working south with time though the first main surge the entered that region earlier appears might be making off to the east for a respite in rainfall chances there soon.

Expect a slight change of rumbles, lightning and maybe some gustier wind to rest near or south of I-4 as shown in image below to begin to manifest after 4-5pm with entrance toward the Cape Canaveral line to Orlando between then through 7pm but barely working much further south than Brevard County on the east coast.  GFS continues to imply rainfall even after frontal passage over Central (up through sunrise   or an hour after ward) with rapid clearing into mid morning hours.

Warm today with highs near 80F outside of the cloud cover.  Winds SW 15-G 24 mph range.

TONIGHT: Otherwise, mild temperatures tonight south of the front. Rain chance increase to high end mainly north of a Sebastian to Port Charlotte line and decrease significantly south of that line in regard to areal coverage and 'intensity'.

WEDNESDAY: Highs might eke out 60F from Cape Canaveral and south for a brief time but remain in the mid-upper 50Fs north such as along the I4 and north. And remaining cloud cover at sunrise should be clearing out from west to east/north to south from early/mid morning into the afternoon over South Florida. A secondary cold front is on the way projected for Central Florida around 1-2AM Thursday morning accompanied but gusting WNW- NW winds   and even drier colder air.

THURSDAY MORNING: Much colder and windy with upper 30FS across much of Central Florida with only those regions east of US1 or I-95 to possibly 'escape' with lower 40FS but wind chills will be something to contend with after our mild weather of today.  

THURSDAY: Remaining very cool and possibly only in the lower to mid 50FS across many areas during the afternoon with winds gradually subsiding.

FRIDAY: This morning might be the coldest day state wide basis of the season since November with wide spread mid-upper 30FS but with much lighter wind. Not sure there will be enough moisture for a frost but never say never. Might be some freezing temperatures in the normally colder wind protected inland areas mainly interior North near Western Volusia into Lake County, Ocala and north (e.g.). 

The regions along the IMMEDIATE beaches east of the Banana River and south along the A1A  bacon strip from Canaveral and south appear might again escape the coldest air by a very narrow margin as guidance shows a very large temperature gradient between the beaches and just west of US1 to I95, such as the difference between mid 30FS (west) to lower-mid 40Fs beaches. Very touch and go though and wouldn't be surprised by a sudden drop even on the beaches into upper 30Fs close to sunrise for a short time. Otherwise, much 'milder' Friday though remaining cool as wind slowly veers to an easterly component with widespread upper 50Fs and low 60Fs.

WEEKEND: Southerly flow returns and the coming weekend looks to be near to above normal temperature wise as do many days thereafter.  

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