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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks For Warm Weather Continuation In Florida

(Image: Guinea Hen)
Happy Thanksgiving Day!!

TODAY: High pressure moving off the U.S. east coast is yielding over night winds from the east along the immediate coasts well before sunrise. Expect these to die down some though before sunrise. Regardless, a very mild morning is in the works with a nicely warm Thanksgiving Day under widely scattered cloud conditions to prevail. Enjoy!

FRIDAY: Decaying cold front, at least on its southern tail end will be entering the Panhandle Friday as it oozes south in an every weakening state of affairs on its Central and South Florida approach. It will remain warm, but a better chance of clouds may inhibit temperatures from getting as warm as they otherwise could with a nice SW wind prevailing all day long. Chance of showers increases by early afternoon as the front enters North Central Portions of the state...mainly north of a Vero Beach to Tampa Bay line. Likelihood of showers slowly inches up a few percentage points by late in the day and through/over night.

SATURDAY: More clouds continue as the front makes its pass over Central Florida Proper sometime in the late morning to early afternoon. Little impact other than a wind shift, slightly cooler air, but continuing the clouds all day with rain-showers remaining into the evening. Not an all out rain affair by any stretch of the imagination. Just a very small chance at that in fact. But any little bit would help.

SUNDAY: Clouds and showers clear out a little bit; however, the chance of onshore moving rain-showers once again develops much like it was like on Monday. Temperatures in the afternoon from Sunday on remain in the upper 70s along the coast to near 80 well inland.

NEXT FRONT: Right now, a more potent front is being portrayed to emerge into our picture around the Wednesday time frame as was noted on Tuesday's post. This one looks like it will over all be a more of a weather maker across the boards, but not a full out winter blast as previously feared in my post the other day. But the change in temperatures will noticeably be greater than what we'll have with the Friday/Saturday system described above.

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