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Monday, June 4, 2012

Heat and Rain Chance Potential Lowers Through Tuesday at Least

Noon time infrared image shows high clouds in grey slowly filtering across the state. They should remain fairly thin but thicken through Wednesday, and be most noticeable within one hour after sunrise and  before sunset
TODAY/TUESDAY: Heat could be on, but not as much so as fore warned. High clouds as mentioned yesterday could eventually begin to move in, and such is the case even sooner. Guidance indicates they will remain much if not all of the remaining work week once the high cloud producing machine gets started, and what better place to have it happen than upstream of the state. As such, although it will still be hot today in the lower to possibly mid 90Fs toward the east side of the state, it will not be as hot today as could have been, nor will it be on Tuesday.

Otherwise, westerly winds could pick up toward 20-25mph on Tuesday afternoon under the spurious high cloud shield , giving the sky a milky color and holding down the temperatures just a bit well away from the mid-upper 90Fs. Moisture will become more available, but even so there is not enough energy available nor any low level convergence boundaries present to get storms started except close to I-10 into the JAX area.

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY: Frontal boundary draped west to east across the Deep South will be sinking southward today and tomorrow..and continue to do so as high pressure expands to its north. There does not appear there will be much in low level convergence ahead of the front nor on it except in the mid levels which may add to further increases in cloud cover with some showers; but if, when, how, or where any storms will form is another matter entirely. Therefore, at the present time it is a bit hard to probe into more detail at this time concerning later in the week on those issues. The consensus points to better rain chances come Wednesday evening through Friday with the front sinking south with time, but most of it appears to be stratified with a few thunders toward the west coast. Time will tell.

By next weekend winds should be easterly for quite some time, or at least a few days..and another big pattern change will be necessary to put the wheels in motion locally to make a break from the Easterly Syndrome. That change might come in the form of another moisture surge from the Western Caribbean toward the Southern Gulf, initially to the west of the state into the Louisiana/Mississippi/Southern Alabama area and perhaps the Florida Panhandle near Pensacola. All in all, we COULD be seeing a fairly non-interesting pattern in play until mid- June.

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