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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Variation of Monday in Progress - Showers and Some Thunder Possible

Thick Lipped Arcus Cloud/Storm Gust Front over Canaveral Warehouse
OF DRY AIR GUARANTEES  "NO GUARANTEES". Example chances of storms and perhaps something stronger in red but best chances of thunder in the green bounds (although far South Florida could see a very strong storm in no--man's land
TODAY: Different version of the same thing of what occurred yesterday is at hand. From image above, it can been seen a large MCS (Mesoscale Convective System) has dropped across the Panhandle already earlier than yesterday and the west coast sea breeze in broken zig zag fashion has initiated, all the while a line of showers is forming across North Central. This is similar to what occurred yesterday, but the MCS is much bigger and earlier than yesterday's event. Other wise, the east coast sea breeze has too set up south of Daytona.

Thus, we have outflow from the initial MCS, both sea breezes, and Lake Breezes to contend with in an afternoon that is not exactly atmospherically filled with abundant but nonetheless ample enough moisture where mechanisms meet. Additionally, chances are that activity along the North Central line could send off an additional outflow boundary south and east , thus some areas might circumvent rain altogether across Central with the exception being, or rather, the mitigating factor being rain cooled outflow and enhanced clouds over-passing some areas instead of rain. Exactly where across North Central into Central the outflow(s) will cease will determine who will receive the next shot at rain and storms heading toward 4:30-6:00pm. The region from South Brevard to the eastern shores of Lake Okeechobee so far look more favorable today as opposed to further north with the exception of the Titusville region once again toward Port St. John. Steering toward the NE looks a bit stronger today as outflows work south but really anywhere from Southern Volusia to Ft Pierce have a chance for a storm with some stronger gusty winds.  The other area to watch will be toward the Everglades and eastward into perhaps parts of Palm Beach and Martin County (otherwise).

WEDNESDAY: Looks like yet again day 3 of the escapades cycle similar to today and yesterday, with the exception of the unknown storms to the north forming which have been the catalyst for the forecast further south this week in regard to stronger activity. There is a chance again of activity tomorrow, but exactly where and why will be the question, same with Thursday.

BEYOND: Tropical wave could affect all parts of South Florida on Saturday toward the Cape but the bigger impact looks to be statewide starting early Sunday working toward the west side by late afternoon, after which point we could be in for a complete change in the weather pattern and an end to east side thunder. This is a recent 'future-cast development' though, so at this point looks best to take it as it comes.

In regard to tropical activity, nothing big showing up in guidance (yet) other than that there is a noted area in the mid-South Atlantic which could end up crossing the Yucatan, but at this point pure speculation. Guidance nowhere is showing anything strong to form, but more could be on the way. We should be entering a more active tropical period though in the coming days as we enter August, although 'more active' is relative to what we have now which was close to zip. Guidance shows more energy coming off Africa, but nothing close to home. This too though, changes off and on , but no true 'threats' worth noting are being speculated even out to 10 days.

Camera lens fogs up with moisture locked inside due to humidity level changes taking from a cool inside place to warm moist outside place. Cape Canaveral on Monday afternoon.

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