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Monday, December 30, 2013

Improved Weather Through New Year's Eve, Cloudy New Year's Day (?)

Similar Conditions Tuesday Morning, but with less Cloud Cover

TODAY: Clearing skies to the north of the Central Line but more clouds on the increase already western panhandle. Latest GFS (Global Forecast System) model is consistent with much improved conditions cloud wise especially for most of Central Florida through early afternoon tomorrow, but with increasing clouds especially after dark and from there on out as low pressure forms in the far SW Gulf of Mexico.

This low, as it stands in the forecast now, is forecast to trace along the entire northern Gulf just south of the coastline and to come ashore much weakened near Apalachicola, but this portion of the forecast (especially)will likely require refining several times in the next 36-40 hours.

Clearing skies to the north of the Central Line
but more clouds on the increase already western panhandle
NEW YEAR'S EVE : A little warmer tomorrow with similar winds, increasing clouds by mid-late afternoon and becoming more dense over night into New Year's Day; mild temperatures.

NEW YEAR'S DAY: Chance of light rain showers especially closer toward the I-4 corridor, otherwise mostly cloudy with a high in the upper 60Fs to lower 70Fs. Another cold front will be taking shape to enter into North Florida on Thursday.

THURSDAY: Chance of rain, some possibly heavy along the I-4 in general but much will depend on where a weak low pressure area in the Gulf (which has yet to form) tracks across the state if it does form; so far the I-4 or north of there seems to be the likely candidate for the most rain, but this could change to as far south as the Beach Line to Tampa area in general  ; Time will tell.. But regardless...

FRIDAY: INCONVENIENTLY COOL ALL DAY with highs possibly not cracking 60F for all but South Florida, with breezy conditions during late morning through late afternoon. 2014 enters in on the wet then 'relatively cold' side. Continued cool and almost a bit chilly over night except warmest along the immediate east coast from the Cape and South, east of the Indian River and more so the Banana River.

SATURDAY/SUNDAY: Might see some more clouds moving in again slowly during the weekend, but moderating temperatures most notably along the beaches during the hours of morning low temperatures. By Sunday it will almost be as if it never got cool/cold at all..along the beach side Sunday morning.

Rains on Thursday
Much Inconveniently Cool/Cold on Friday
Otherwise, varying clouds and near average temperatures. 

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