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Monday, March 22, 2010

Temperatures to Approach "Normal" By Week's End

Photo: Islamorada last weekend (March 21st , first day of spring)

Just returned from a storm chaser get together held on Islamorada this past weekend. What a blast it was to meet up with folks I've never met in person but have written to for over 10 years. It was nice to see others somewhere other than in Kansas too !

SYNOPSIS: Somewhat benign weather pattern setting up for most of the week. Stacked low pressure over Kentucky will move ENE and be located off the New England coast by late Wednesday. Zonal (westerly) flow at all levels will be in place across all of the Southeast U.S. as it moves on out. Weak impulses will be embedded in the flow but be of little consequence other than create periods of cloudiness. Temperatures to remain a notch below normal.

TODAY: Periodic cloudiness with a high near 70 degrees...contingent upon when/where the clouds will be at peak heating time. If there's too many clouds in the 1-3pm time frame we'll remain around 68 degrees. Westerly winds picking up by 11am at 15-20mph.

TONIGHT: Party cloudy with a west wind around 5-10mph. Low around 58 degrees along the coast and a few degrees cooler inland.

TUESDAY: Fewer clouds, west wind around 10-15mph, and a high near 72 degrees.

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY/FIRST HALF FRIDAY: Gradual warming throughout this time frame under mostly partly cloudy skies. By Wednesday we could see a very light afternoon easterly component to the wind which will harbor high temperatures east of the Banana River in the low 70s upon onset. West of the Banana River will experience highs in the mid-upper 70s..approaching 80 well inland by Friday. By Thursday we might very well lose the sea breeze along the coast so that this location will also see highs around 78 degrees under partly cloudy skies.

FRIDAY/SATURDAY: Too soon to pin point a time frame, but for now suffice it to say this is currently depicted as the period when our next chance of rain/thunderstorms enters the picture. We need to get it as much as we can (the rain) because we'll soon be entering the dry times of April prior to the thunderstorm season which starts the first week of June. Temperatures will be right around climatological norms for the first time this year! FINALLY.Lows in the mid 60s and highs in the upper 70s..around 80 further inland. We might see a good, short term rain event setting things bear watching!

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