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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

"The wind blows to the south and turns to the north; round and round it goes, ever returning on its course".

Friday, January 22, 2010

....The Difference Between Night and Day

(Images depict radar as of 6:20am concurrent with frontal position)

As I type the second tornado warning for this area is being issued! Exciting morning.

Otherwise, a weak cold front is ever so slowly sinking south into Central Florida in the pre-dawn hours as rain showers and widely scattered thunderstorms roll across the area in conjunction with a 'diminishing by the minute' pre-frontal trough. A few tornado warnings were issued this morning in conjunction with the trough of which Cape Canaveral was included. During the time of these warnings there definitely was sufficient 1KM shear and helicity to warrant the warnings, however, I've noticed that since 3am those parameters have weakened considerably, thus the severe threat is likely waning accordingly. Although, there is that warning that was just issued.

Looks like the rain showers and a few rumbles of thunder will be with us until mid morning after which any weather worth mentioning will be over with other than lingering showers and some thunderstorms further south in a Sarasota to Sebastian line...

Today: With that said, the morning will start out overcast over most of the immediate Central Florida ahead of the delineated 'cool front'. The front will have pushed through by 1pm this afternoon and end up across South Florida as a stationary front, after which the wind will shift from its current WSW direction to more of a NW direction under clearing skies. It will be a little cooler today (than yesterday), but it will still be quite pleasant. It currently appears that the sky will be clearing significantly right at the time of max we could get a nice little leap in the temperature if for only a very brief time prior to the sun's lowering in the later portions of the afternoon. All in all, once we get past noon it will be a nice day.

Tonight: During the course of the evening high pressure will rapidly move in across much of the eastern United States with its center well to the north. However, it will ridge down along the Appalachian chain (as alluded to yesterday) and be somewhat enhanced by geographic features as it shifts east. The result will be a rapid veer of the wind around to the NE and eventually east..but it will remain at 10mph or less. The end result, as if we haven't learned by now, is that since it will be coming off the 57 degree water temperatures will be moderated precluding night time lows from falling off all that much.

Saturday: The weather Saturday will be solely dictated by a short wave high pressure ridge running down, essentially, the Gulf Stream with light east winds. The temperature along the coast will thus be held at bay to the upper 60s under mostly sunny skies and light east winds. Away from the coast, generally west of US1 the temperature could get up to around 73 degrees.

Sunday: The next system will be approaching as the high pressure off the coast continues to retreat eastward...circulation around the high and ahead of the approaching system will lead to continued veering winds the whole way around to the south and eventually SSW by shortly after day break. The stationary front that will by stretched across South Florida will retreat north and revisit the area, this time as a warm be situated almost directly overhead at daybreak. Temperatures will warm nicely to be much the same as they were Thursday. In fact, Sunday could very well end up being a carbon copy of Thursday...both temperature and cloud wise. Rain will remain at bay though until late in the overnight hours.

Monday: The day will start out very mild temperature wise with a front approaching the area. It will be totally cloudy with rain showers (which will have begun overnight)...and possibly some thunderstorms..some of which could be strong. This system will have to monitored closely for more elaboration in future posts concerning the potential for yet another shot of severe weather in the area.

Late Monday - Thursday: By late in the day the cold front will have made a clean slice through the area with cold air advection ensuing. Drat! But it won't be real cold, just very cool. Clearing skies late in the day will yield to lows in the mid-50s by Tuesday morning and highs in the mid-upper 60s for the early and mid-late week period. Temperatures further from the coast (west of US1) will likely get down into the mid 40s. Light jacket weather so to speak for those days.

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