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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Equinox has Occurred! Showers/Storms Saturday through Tuesday

Preparations For Spring Season in Full Swing at Sunrise Near The Cocoa Beach Pier.
Spring Equinox was at 12:57PM EDT Today.
TODAY Through FRIDAY: Little change today and Friday from yesterday with light winds and patches of clouds from time to time. Warmest nights along the beaches as well as coolest afternoons at the same locations. Inland highs in the upper 70Fs to near 80F, coast closer to mid-upper 70Fs north of Ft. Pierce (within a block or two of the ocean behind the sea breeze).

SATURDAY/Sunday: Wind becoming more south-southwest on Saturday with a significant increase of atmospheric moisture comparatively speaking from today. Instability is not shown to be all very impressive but with cold air aloft and a small chance of an east coast sea breeze at play, could see some rain showers and/or some thunder later Saturday afternoon as well as Sunday with highs due to low level convergence east side of state and south of I-4. Highs in the 80Fs almost all locations even at the coast depending on when the sea breeze kicks in (if it does). A frontal boundary will by laying out across the state 'somewhere' later on Sunday but should be lifted back north on Monday. 

MONDAY: Considerable cloud cover with more moisture. This day looks like it might be more of a light to moderate rain chance 'somewhere' over Central or North Central Florida to accompany the clouds, much like what occurred last week. Low pressure anticipated to form almost directly over the state which will lift to the ENE -NE into Tuesday. Monday night into at least mid-day Tuesday might be a time to watch for strong storms..but looks dicey to be making a call on anything just yet.


TUESDAY: Increasing winds aloft , bulk and slight directional shear but poor instability again spells out a situation somewhat like the other day last week when the tornado watch was issued, but like last time, the best winds will be after the low has shifted east of the state and as a result suspect this possibly could end up being another rain only (mostly ) event with some lightning. Front to clear out by early Wednesday.

WEDNESDAY: Coolest day for quite some time (again). Dry and pleasant.

BEYOND:   Exactly how far south this next front for Wednesday gets (perhaps only the Florida Straits) will hold a bearing on weather heading toward Friday and/or the weekend in regard to rain chances. Not expecting a big warm up by weekend , but close to normal temperatures are possible. Warmest overnights at the beaches once again.

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