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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Likely Dry With Uncomfortable High Heat Indices Inland

The sky is crystal clear blue other than a small cumulus patch over the seemingly often favored Cape area just to the north about 5 miles away. That area can squeeze water out of a rock.
Monitoring a batch of moisture that came off the extreme NW Bahamas during the late morning hours though 'just in case'. There is some shower activity associated with it as I type. That area is just enough to keep the ears and eyes perked, but probably more a tease than anything else.
Upstream sounding from Miami was almost just as dry as us even though water vapor shows them in some mid-upper level moisture just recently. So maybe their sounding is unrepresentative of the conditions down there now. The same water vapor image shows us dead center in the driest of air.
There's going to have to be some mighty powerful late afternoon/early evening magic to get anything going further south later today and even at that the mid-upper level temps will likely remain too warm for anything closely remote to robust.
Therefore, most of East Central Florida looks to remain dry and nearly cloud free most of the day with very warm temperatures along the coast to down right hot further inland. Lows end remote chance of a storm away from the coast from Orlando and points south as we work toward sunset. Lows near 80 and highs at or just above 90. Warmer inland. 
If one wants to see lightning and hear thunder today, head to the Keys and up the west coast toward Tampa. Or the Panhandle.
INTO THE WEEK: Refer to yesterday's post. No significant change from that line of thinking yet. At least, not significant enough that it's worth mentioning.



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