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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Already Large Rainfall Totals Could Compile Today South of I-4

"Wednesday Early Afternoon - Storm Moves Ashore
Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral, FL"

TODAY; Complicated set up today as an inverted trough runs along to near the Florida East coast merging with an old frontal boundary that moved off shore the Mid Atlantic region. A low pressure area had formed the other day over the Deep South and moved NE with the trailing boundary; but,  it now appears another Low at the mid levels is trying to form in the same place as the previous one keeping the current situation in limbo from 'changing out'; however, in the wake of the previous low high pressure nosed in behind with significant atmospheric drying at the critical levels north of I-4 despite that the region is currently cloudy. 

As a result, the best areas for atmospheric crying aka. "rain chances" today are as shown. Thunder could occur most any time, but the prevalent feature potential with precipitate water values above two inches or close to that value is from Titusville and west to south end of Tampa Bay (later today). Overnight, the rain chance will work north so that by Saturday it will at least as far north as I-4. 

Rain Storm moving in on Cape Canaveral

For for today, suspect with some more heating regeneration of showers and storms south of I-4 , perhaps earlier in the day near the coast working inland with time. Maybe regeneration near the coast late today as well, but any time and any where is fair game. Rain fall totals in some areas have already exceeded 5", with one person reporting over 5" in an hour and a half the other day , while yesterday morning near  the Volusia/Flagler line another similar amount was reported as a result of a stationary boundary that looks similar to the one near Cape Canaveral south to Melbourne at this current time.

FRIDAY: Not too much of change but the chance of rain will spread north by day's end toward I-4.

WEEKEND: Probably the chances of heavier rain fall will end, at least on the broader scale, though some spots will likely see some good rains. Clouds might be more the issue but model guidance at this point is widely spread on the rain chances (and cloud cover) so not hedging any bets considering the time of year and the way things have been panning out lately it's been a day by day struggle, with the models seemingly behind on a continuous basis on the small scale short term.

This Morning, Cape Canaveral. This storm dropped a good one inch plus in short order over Cocoa Beach

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