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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

True, Blue, and 72 (For Some Folks Today)

NOW: High pressure is centered very close to the Lake/Orange County line and dropping South to SSE pretty quickly during the past two hours. All of Central and South Florida will be under its tranquil affect today resulting in totally sunny sky conditions, light winds, and comfortable temperatures.

TODAY: As noted above, Florida is under the affect of surface high pressure today. The biggest challenge for this post was how warm it would get today over Central Florida, namely if we would reach the 70F degree mark. No doubt, the area from West Palm Beach and points south will (if they have not already)...The Weather Channel is advertising a high in the low 70s today but I'm not so sure. My final gander, to toss in my two cents worth, is that the areas from near Melbourne to Sarasota and points north will flirt with the big 7-0, but never quite reach it. Some pockets near that line could reach or just break through for a short period (less than an hour), but the majority of the afternoon hours will be spent in the 67F-69F degrees range.

Further south, especially from West Palm to Miam (namely the SE Quadrant) they will see low and a few mid-70s for the majority of the afternoon. But no matter how one slices the thermal pie, with light winds and full sunshine at play it will be a very nice day, especially when out of the shade and totally protected from any light wind that can be mustered up.

TONIGHT: Surface high will continue to drop to South Central Florida and retrograde to the west a bit as a weak frontal boundary begins to edge in from the north which will be located over N. Georgia toward South Carolina to North 'Bama. Light winds and a clear sky will permit temperatures to fall to comparable levels of this morning, but likely a little warmer in those areas that got the coolest last night...but low 50s, and maybe even some mid 50s over the barrier islands tomorrow morning will be much more widespread than they were this morning.

WEDNESDAY: Rapid temperature recovery after 8:30am with all areas breaching 70F. Widespread low and mid-70s degree readings over South and Central locations, and even North Florida with a mainly west wind around 15mph. No wind off the cooled Atlantic ocean waters will permit the air over the landmass to flow across the barrier islands with only minimal modification as it crosses the inland waterways.

The cold front, which is actually going to be more of a wind shift line more than anything else, will pass over Central Florida during the overnight hours leading into Thursday morning. Westerly winds preceding the demarcation line will become northerly and eventually light from the NNE-NE during the day time Thursday with a return to high temperatures in the mid-upper 60s rather than 70s.

THURSDAY: Morning will break with inland lows in the low-mid 40s with the barrier islands in the low 50s. A light wind, but likely of a slight on shore component during the day will keep high temperatures in the mid-60s during the afternoon, with any clouds that might have occurred during passage of the boundary all but gone. Thus, Thursday will be much like today although a bit cooler everywhere.

FRIDAY NIGHT IS CHRISTMAS EVE: Another uneventful day in store with highs in the mid-upper 60s and a few clouds with light winds. Low temperatures comparable to that of Thursday morning. A nice, 'on the warm side of winter', evening in store for church services will be rain free. A decorative sweater or jacket will fit the bill nicely for those in full 'festive gear' mode.

CHRISTMAS DAY: Cold front still forecast to be across the panhandle will advance south during the course of our ritual activities. Rains and clouds to the north will spread south accordingly, and as such the majority of Christmas Day over Central Florida will likely be partly cloudy to cloudy with some light rain to occur after the 1pm time frame just about anywhere, holding off until later further south. Southwest wind around 15-20mph will precede the cold front with high temperatures being held at bay due to cloud cover, mostly in the mid-60s Central, and maybe low 70s south. Measurable rain fall totals will be occur across the Central portions, but think the most commonly found will be between a trace - 0.3". South Central and South Florida will fare much better during the daylight hours and end up with even less rainfall chances and less likelihood of measurable amounts when all is said and done.

CHRISTMAS NIGHT - THE DAY AFTER: Front will clear the state by daybreak December 26th with cold air advection and NW winds in full swing the entire day, Sunday. Lows in the 40s with highs likely not reaching above the mid 50s with a rapid cool down as we head toward sunset.

MONDAY-TUESDAY: These two days look to be the coldest in entirety from sun up to sun down for next week. Sky will be clear but far reaching freezing temperature levels, especially away from the coast (as usual) will be found, especially by Tuesday morning where freezing could be reached into western portions of Miami -Dade. Looks like there will be a lot of mid-20 readings, especially for North Central Florida, with upper 20s and low 30s being much more common across the peninsula. Daytime high temperatures might struggle to reach the low 50s on Monday afternoon over all of Central Florida.

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