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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Launch of ARES 1-X As Shot From Cape Canaveral

The video associated with this launch is available on You Tube

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Last Gasp Today At Rain

(in celebration of the potential ARES 1-X Launch today I posted this photo)

Surprise surprise, it rained last night and we even got a tiny bit of the flash-boom stuff, but nothing to write home about (or barely in the blog). I would consider that event a 'bust' on my forecast checklist as I didn't see a chance in blue blazes anything would happen yesterday (granted it didn't happen until well after dark).

Today: Strong high pressure is centered over the Western Atlantic and currently Florida is on the western edge of this system. A very deep trough is entrenched over the west half of the country which will dig even deeper as the high retrogrades west and becomes entrenched directly overhead by late Thursday. Until the high pressure is firmly overhead I think portions of the state have a shot at rain again today. But for east central Florida or any coastal community on either coast it's going to have to be before 4pm. Westerly steering currents (from west to east) currently in place will weaken as the high builds in and a sea breeze may form as well by mid afternoon on both coasts as it does so. Once that occurs the chances for rain along the coasts is slim to none.

Tomorrow: High pressure and subsidence will be the words for the day. A stabilized air mass under high pressure and drier air will reign supreme, squelching all chances of rain for about everywhere on the peninsula. The high will be directly overhead at least into the weekend. So enjoy the dry weather if you're so inclined to like nice weather (frown). By the way, Melbourne tied a record high temperature yesterday, and given they don't feel the impact of a sea breeze too soon, may even break the record high today.

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