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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Excellent Weather Begins Tonight

Images show line of convection moving across the state very early this morning. It appears this will be the end of any storms now in quite some time to come. The heaviest activity occurred in Osceola County into Brevard as can be seen here in both images. On the right is where the  tornado watch existed at that time for Central and South.

In this early morning water vapor image we can see clearly where the upper to mid level low pressure system was located. We can also see what is left of the line of showers and thunderstorms sparsely distributed that had gone through after midnight by the dashed white line. The low is lifting almost due north today, and thus the cold front will dawdle on through only later today into tonight on the toes of WNW winds and drier air 
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TODAY: Storm system has cleared the area in regard to strong storm (or really about any storm) development. As was expressed yesterday, the atmosphere never did become unstable enough to support widespread convection as suspected would be the case. Even over night in the presence of almost no CAPE as well as some inhibition on top of that there was yet still some storms, with a warning for thunder storm winds and hail in Osceola County though. The winds aloft and other parameters related to energy and wind fields was simply too powerful to ignore, and thus the Tornado Watch. That is a good example of why they are called "Watches"..(not warnings). 

We can recall on Friday there was at one time 7 severe thunderstorm warnings statewide issued and active simultaneously.  In my mind I thought, "Ah yes, the day before the day" (of severe weather that could be very bad)..On the other hand that was quickly followed by the notion, "But is the day before the day going to be the only day?"!  It appears that was the case. ..considering all of the storm reports of hail ranging from 0.25" up to 1.25" and wind gusts in the 44-58mph range occurred on Friday (other than one or two overnight here and there).  Between Saturday and overnight to early this morning I saw no severe reports.  

LATER TODAY: Appears that the sky is taking on an almost winter appearance. It is quite blue despite the lower level clouds and renegade quick moving showers. It does also remind us that we are going to be entering the 'Convective Season" beginning around May 1, which is not the same as the 'Wet Season". The convective season is a great time for storm photography as storms and clouds tend to be more isolated in an atmosphere not yet saturated in tropical moisture, highlighting crisp edges and blue skies around them. During the Rainy season storms start to take on a slightly 'mush appearance'..but nonetheless threatening.

Today, instability is lacking, but seems to be less so than any model shows based on the Local Data Integration System out of KSC-MLB NWS Network. Some showers are occurring, widely spread, and expect the sky to be partly to sporadically  mostly cloudy here or there through 5pm, with skies becoming clear from north to south from late afternoon toward Central right at sunset. South Florida and all elsewhere will likely be absolutely clear after dark as winds remain the cold front and wrap around moisture exists eastward toward sunset.  The bigger temperature drops will occur after midnight, with Monday morning lows in the mid-upper 50Fs with a WNW breeze, making it feel quite refreshing. 

MONDAY-WEDNESDAY: Refreshingly cool, window-opening overnights and ceiling fan afternoons under mostly clear skies with a NW wind by Tuesday. All evenings will experience a noticeable drop in outside air temperature within 1-2 hours of sunset through the first hour afterward...but winds will become quite light if not calm by morning on Tuesday and if not by then, Wednesday.  So far, it appears that it might not rain until sometime in early May...or the last two days of April. This month has just flown by so quickly, a sure sign of spring.

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