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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cool Today, Much Colder / Windy Much of Thursday , Storms Monday?

Sunrise Tuesday, December 6, Cape Canaveral
TODAY: Frontal boundary has cleared the area obviously will a much cooler start to the day; a secondary one to follow near to just after sunset. 

High pressure building south from the NW Plains states will drop into Old Dixie tonight into tomorrow before traversing slowly east ward across The Deep South states (north of Florida) on Friday and weakening.  

Today mostly sunny with some thinner high clouds with highs north half of state much cooler than that past few days, mainly in the lower-mod 60Fs  - warmer south of a Cocoa Beach - Tampa Bay line with upper 60Fs to 70Fs (far South).


TONIGHT: Secondary 'surge' from another trough slicking by and across Central Florida in the 6-8pm time frame will be followed by increasing NW - NNW winds especially toward midnight to sunrise and remaining elevated up through early afternoon before slowly decreasing throughout the remainder of late day and early evening. 

 Lows in the lower 40Fs to upper 30Fs mainly west and north of the Orlando area, with widespread mid-upper 40Fs.   The bigger story MIGHT be the wind for a 12 hour time frame as winds just above 'the deck' around 2000 ft. are forecast to be 30 knots and those winds are accompanied by much colder air in the 2-4000 foot layer above ground, which could mean for strong gusts within an hour or two after sunrise on going through early afternoon. 

Suspect a Lake Wind  advisory will be hoisted for time on Thursday as a result with highs only in the lower 50Fs to upper 40Fs north of a Cocoa Beach to Tampa line once again as they shift to N-NNE  by sunrise.  Wind,  especially at the east coast and intracoastals,  in the 18 G 30 mph for a time and 'chilly ' by late morning with temperatures in the lower 50Fs. 

Wind becomes more NNE-NE later in the day and decrease. It might actually 'feel warmer' in many areas toward sunset or even after dark than it will in the middle of the afternoon, especially at the beaches as air mass modification begins. 

There could also be a deck of pancake stratocumulus clouds especially at the beaches but suspect any light rain will remain offshore due to the dry air over the land leading to evaporation of the sparsely thin moist layer above ground.  

FRIDAY-SATURDAY: Only slow warm up with highs back into the lower to mid 60Fs and eventually some upper 60Fs by Saturday (warmer South Florida though) but much lighter wind with coastal to inland pancake stratocumulus clouds mainly. Overall though, these days will be warmer than today and Thursday and generally 'pleasant'. A coastal trough will be setting up off shore but suspect if there is to be any rain showers, there they will remain. 

SUNDAY - MONDAY: Bigger warm up with temperatures to or above 'normal' once again, Guidance is up and down on rain showers this day but seems to be in favor for the more so than not and would lean that way. Low pressure , though weak, forms near the Southeast tip of Texas traversing as an open wave along the north Gulf . 

STORMS POSSIBLE MONDAY: Better chance of rain though enters into the picture on Monday , and if the GFS trend continues, might need to introduce some thunder south of I-4 (at least) with possibly stronger storms as well. 

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