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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Much Better Outlook For The Hoiday Weekend

Happy Thanksgivings To Come From and To  You Today and Every Day.

TODAY: Beautiful day in store but a bit cool after cold temperatures this morning statewide. Wind to gradually shift to the NNE then NE and ENE by tonight with some shallow low topped stratocumulus clouds moving ashore mostly along and east of I-95 then dissolving across the drier air across the land-mass

Proclamation of Thanks Giving by Abraham Lincoln is available online to read

FRIDAY-SATURDAY: Wind becoming easterly to ENE and quite light over night to early morning. Drainage northerly flow inland. Lows at the coast on Friday will be nearly 15F degrees warmer than this morning as a result but still very cool (but not as cold) inland. Afternoon highs in the 70Fs after today through the weekend most areas. Chance of traceable amounts of rain sprits mainly along or east of I95 (if any) but a measurable amount could occur mostly north of the Cape to JAX, but remain isolated in nature.

SUNDAY: Continued quite pleasant other than some annoying lower clouds that are possible but full out 'rain' is unlikely at most. Cloud decks could become rather extensive in the mid or late day hours and perhaps close to the coast around sunrise hours as well.

MONDAY/TUESDAY: A low pressure area it seems will form east of the state causing the wind to back toward the NNW-N on the back side of its circulation, again resulting in a much cooler morning statewide Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, with a cooler day all day Tuesday with highs perhaps not quite reach 70F but it is not looking like it will be as cold statewide as this morning. 
No other cold spells are foreseen so far going into the second week of December as it stands in the latest Global Forecast System (GFS) model runs , though some rain chances might enter the picture more solidly for North and maybe Central Florida by NEXT weekend.

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