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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

"The wind blows to the south and turns to the north; round and round it goes, ever returning on its course".

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Record Cool High Temperatures Today, Showers/Storms Friday/Saturday

TODAY: It's readily apparent that  a cold front has 'cleared the area' as the northerly winds are blowing well pre-sunrise. Suspect that the Brevard County area North might fail to ever see 60F degrees today, esp. (or perhaps) near Cocoa  Beach northward as well as the panhandle region. Inland and further south mostly lower to some mid 60Fs. Northeast breezy conditions could drive a 'wedge of much cooler Atlantic air" into the Cape zone later today further aggravating the situation (with some scrappy lower marine clouds in tow), though sun in wind protected areas will help alleviate any temporary 'discomforts'. This will all be over  though going into Friday. Per the NWS Office in Melbourne, Florida :

                RECORD   FORECAST  
DAYTONA BEACH..61 (2013)    60  
ORLANDO........68 (2005)    66  
MELBOURNE......64 (2013)    62  
VERO BEACH.....66 (2013)    64 

TONIGHT: Wind will be swinging onshore overnight, as such, the temperatures esp. from Canaveral and South could actually WARM by nearly 5 degrees overnight after midnight toward sunrise into the low to mid-60Fs by late morning with inland temperatures (and those south) even warmer. Moisture on the increase fairly steadily (but gradually) during the day as winds become more toward the SE by Thursday Evening.

FRIDAY: Though it is 'possible' some showers could manifest from near West Palm to Canaveral over night late Thursday night, it is quite a small chance. Winds will continue to veer more southerly Thursday night such that overnight once again more warming is anticipated with Friday dawning nearer to 70F (and higher) from the Cape South, but remaining a bit cooler inland and north. A front is approaching the area for Sunday, but in the interim the GFS has been holding steady on two most notable 'impulses' perfectly timed to affect the state on Friday afternoon first, then another on Saturday afternoon. Thus, a chance of showers and maybe some thunder on Friday afternoon into the evening. The bigger weather it appears will be over the Gulf of Mexico waters south of the Panhandle region. What effect blow off from that activity might have (if that is to be the case) over the state will have to remain suspect in the interim, for if there is too much cloud cover as a result of any potential 'big activity' out over those waters, rain chances might be replaced by merely increased cloud coverage (esp. since instability is not looking too favorable for storm activity on this day but wind fields might counteract that low instability ratio).

SATURDAY: Yet another impulse over the region with widespread potential of showers and thunderstorms. Instability is shown to be notably increased this day with stronger winds aloft remaining, and therefore there might be some stronger than usual storm activity on this day though at this point anything other than isolated pulse severe  or strong seems unlikely, at least as of this early stage of the game.

SUNDAY: Front to cross Central by late morning toward early afternoon. Could be some showers again with this boundary but more likely over South Central and South Florida interior and western regions. Wind quickly swings around to onshore behind the front though; therefore, temperatures like what we will experience today through early Thursday will not be experienced by any stretch of the imagination , remaining in the 60Fs and 70Fs Central and South Florida, and will also be much lighter as well (as opposed to the wind today)


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