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Friday, November 26, 2010

Another Warm" Day Afte"r or 'Black Friday"

Image: Memories of another Thanksgiving fade as the weather engines keeps on rolling.

As you can see by the image included in today's post, a cold front is about to enter the Florida. This system is being sustained over the N. Ohio Valley by a 140kt jet stream. Locally, the final remnants of high pressure will be pulling of Eastern Florida during the mid-late morning as the front very slowly approaches in a much weakened state, much like the turkey shown above. It will be a turkey of a front for sure.

TODAY: The front will remain north and west of Tampa-Melbourne line and everywhere south of there today as it makes only slow progress and begins to parallel the jet stream. Moisture will be increasing as the high pressure area over East Central Florida pulls out. Clouds will be generated by both the moisture, winds aloft, and the warmer than normal temperatures from day time heat.

We may seem some breaks in the clouds throughout the day and about the time the high fully pulls out, but believe that will be short lived as heating of the day will by that time begin to be reaching its peak. Thus, we could see more clouds by mid afternoon, earlier further west one goes. Rain chances are possible along the west side of the state first, but will spread (the chances that is) east to the east coast by 4PM. They will generally be light to moderate in strength where they do occur. There is close to zero dynamics and lift here today, as such not really expecting anything worse than maybe an ocassional distant thunder at worst. Winds will be noticeably from the SW all day long. Afternoon high will likely be in the low 80s.

TOMORROW: The front will pass Central Florida proper shortly after sunrise and will be followed by NW winds at 15-22mph through the early afternoon before they start to veer and weaken by late day under partly-mostly cloudy skies. The low tonight should remain near 70 degrees ahead of the front and under cloud coverage, spotty at times. Slight chance of rain continues at a low end through much of the day as the front will be slow to clear South Central-South Florida entirely.

SUNDAY: Winds continue to swing aroudn toward the NE-ENE and finally East advecting low level moisture above the surface of the warmer air generated just above the ocean's surface near the coast. As such, might see a coastal shower from the Cape and everywhere south to Miami.

MONDAY-TUESDAY: Winds quickly veer more toward the S-SSW Tuesday ahead of yet another and stronger frontal system. Just exactly how great the affect will be from this system beginning over night Tuesday into Wednesday is somewhat up for grabs. But it does appear the rain chances wil be much greater with it, as will the temperatures be appreciably cooler behind it. We'll meet the turn in the bend as we approach it heading into the first week of December.

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