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Friday, February 24, 2017

Potential For Near Record Warm Min or Max Temperatures Next Week

"Jake" Near the Jetty Last Year This Date
FOLLOW UP: Up to record rainfall totals the other day. The area with the overall highest totals with the last 'rain event' ended up being the Brevard County area. A sampling of some rainfall totals can be seen below , accompanied by the radar estimates.

Melbourne Radar : Rainfall Storm Precipitation Totals
CoCoRHaS (Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow Network)Input by Participants around the state and accompanying rainfall total range reported
from a graphic perspective

Totals reported in by local participants in the CoCoRHaS program

TODAY : Mostly Sunny and pleasant with temperatures running above seasonal 'norms'. Light east wind in the afternoon.

SATURDAY: A bit warmer all areas as wind becomes south to southwest ahead of the next 'cool front' . Highs Saturday in the upper 70Fs to lower 80Fs. Front is on the way for the midnight hours for Central Florida.

SUNDAY: Front to pass through Central Florida around midnight. Wind to shift to NW -N and eventually NNE-NE by daybreak or within a few hours after day break providing modification (rising dew point temperatures) rather quickly post- frontal passage (fropa). Lows interior Sunday morning in the upper 40Fs to mid 50Fs with warmest temperatures from the Cape South (near 58-60F Canaveral to lower 70Fs South Florida). Sunday will see a a bit breezier at first from the ENE to E but decreasing wind later in the day with highs generally in the mid 70Fs (warmer south of Lake "O").

The front is expected to make it as far as South Florida before losing all identity.

MONDAY: High pressure well to the north will quickly move off the east coast and easterly flow will shift to southeast to south-southeast. Highs in the interior in lower 80Fs and closer to  upper 70Fs to near 80F near the coastline. Rainfree.

TUESDAY: Even warmer all areas Tuesday morning. Might see near record warm minimums this day and / or on Wednesday with interior temperatures into the lower end of the mid 80Fs. Rain free.

WEDNESDAY: Increasing moisture ahead of next front with potential for 'near record' highs , though rather sketchy on that one as of now.  Looks like there might be an onset of more cloud cover to preclude that from occurring due to lower - mid level moisture convergence as the west coast sea breeze works over toward the east coast, with even a chance of showers south of Brevard Closer to the east coast.  

THURSDAY: Next front to go through with a repeat performance of the one to come overnight Saturday into Sunday but with even less impact in the temperatures. 

From NEXT Friday on out there is showing nothing but mainly light easterly flow with lows in the 60Fs and highs in the mid-upper 70Fs for several days on end. What occurs after that is too far out to say. Would watch for the remnant boundary to be lifted back north after several days, however, which 'might' result in another 'rain event' of sorts..or maybe not. Because it is so far out in time the guidance shifts around on what will occur about 5 days later (or so) and now we are nearly two weeks out and beyond forecast-ability (with any assured accuracy).

IN SUMMARY: The chances of another ' sig cool down' is starting to wane with every passing week now. Days are getting longer and before we know it Daylight Savings time will be at hand (March 12) . Not that that means anything. Good one or two 'dayers' of a cool down can still occur well through March and into early April but they are, for the most part,  short lived.

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