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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Total October Precipitation For Cape Canaveral

Here is the total precipitation for my location in Cape Canaveral as recorded to the CoCoRaHS platform. We totaled 0.99", but total up all the traces and that just might give us an inch. This update sent remotely. Have a Happy And Safe Halloween.

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No Tricks or Treats For Today

Pictured above is "Lola" as a little kitten. My how things change. If you missed it she was featured one night during "Cantore and Steele"

Meteorological Halloween (a trick and treat) came yesterday to east central Florida in the form of an anomalous 'boundary' of sorts, self proclaiming to be a back door cold front. Like a fading ripple in a pond, it made it about as far west (from the east) to the center of the state, even though by that time any active weather associated with it had gone to the weather graveyard in the sky...leaving only remnant ashes (clouds). Well that boundary is gone now and the prevalent pattern of late will once again set camp over most all of peninsular Florida today. And what, pray tell, does that exactly mean?

It means back to the warmer than normal temperatures(yesterday east central Florida spent most of the day under cloud cover and resultant cooler temperatures) , sparse cloud coverage, and nary even a rain shower to be found. I admit though, that yesterday's little "Treat" of 0.1" was our early Halloween Trick...but if I had relied more on the NAM it would have come to no surprise. It wasn't until it was almost too late that the RUC model fell in line with it, and by that time the writing was on the wall, or radar!

Given the NAM's track record of late for this area, and in combination with the latest RUC output and combined blend of the two equates to what supposedly should be a no-brainer for today, with no Tricks or Treats anticipated.

Today: For all of the residents here, and if you are a local follower to this writing this will apply...look for a low end partly cloud sky (2/10 coverage) with a light easterly winds and rain free conditions throughout the day. The mid-levels have dried out a smidge in the wake of yesterday's boundary passage as the low level high center gets shoved further east into the Atlantic by the approaching trough which passed infamous havoc in the Shreveport area the other day (if you watched The Weather Channel you'd think no other place on earth had any weather that day as a result of the trough). Actually, I'm writing much ado about nothing this morning but what does one do to make uneventful weather interesting?

Mid-Long Term: The aforementioned trough/front will enter the picture on Sunday, but have a very difficult time remaining fused at all levels, thus it will spread itself thin right across the center of the state with a slow to non-existant foreward motion. There will be only minimal dynamics associated with the boundary...but enough pooled moisture and meager instability could give rise to some showers in the more blessed locations...but we have yet another day to catch up on these events as things unfold during the course of today and tonight.

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