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Friday, August 16, 2013

Another Shot At Showers/Storms Today Mainly Mid-Late Afternoon East Side

As Usual, Depiction Above is a Rough Guesstimate of "Most Seemingly Likely' Locations and types of rainfall activity today. Orange being 'thunder' and Red being "Strong" activity 
TODAY: The going trend per visible satellite imagery such as the one shown above has been for clearing skies where noted. Greatest instability is south where heating has been most prolonged since sunrise, but some of that instability should work north in the next few hours. Steering today above the sea breeze height at this time appears to have a better eastward push (toward the east coast) than yesterday, mainly north of Vero Beach. 

There is a very unfavorable area for storms or even showers at the 12pm hour across South Central so much of the region there as far north as Melbourne if not further north will likely have to 'wait it out' until mid-late afternoon to see if this 'unfavorable for storms' air mass fills in, but for now will surmise that it will but with activity a bit more isolated and more inland as the east coast sea breeze should make better inland advances from near Ft Pierce and south where mid level SW winds are almost non-exist to steer activity back to the east. 

Otherwise, like the past two days , the stronger storms could be near NE Florida closer to the old stationary front which will be lifting out from South Georgia (retrograding north) as the Deep Layer Mean (DLM) High Pressure Atlantic Ridge Axis finds its way into Central Florida late tomorrow then north of the area by Sunday.  

BEYOND: Chance of storms again tomorrow but away from the coast from Southern Volusia and south (more inland toward the turnpike working to the west coast) but nearer the coast from I-4 and north. By Sunday this will be the case even more so with thunder confined toward Rte 27/Lake County and maybe western Orange County (e.g.).  Ocean showers at some point along the line mostly in the first half of the days ahead east side in sporadic fashion as pockets of deep Atlantic Atmospheric Moisture source region sloshes ashore. This will be the continuing trend at least into the last few days of August. 

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