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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Slight Chance of Showers North Central, Febru-Dreary to End on a Warm Tune

Tuesday Morning, Cape Canaveral
TODAY: Frontal boundary across North Florida only slowly sinking south through Wednesday (and much slower than previous guidance was showing a few days ago).  There appears to be a bit of a thermal trough setting up near I-4 which might sink south a bit during the afternoon. It also appears a weak disturbance might be coming in from the northeast Gulf along said 'boundary' though none of the models other than the short range HRRR and to a lesser degree the RAP suggest a rainfall potential later today. Regardless, radar is showing showers moving in toward the West Coast near to south of Cedar Key where those longer range models showed nothing, so will ride with the short term guidacne and intro a rain chance today (or increased cloud cover) mainly over North Central to perhaps parts of Central all north of SR 60 toward Central Tampa Bay region.

Warm east and south of Lake Okeechobee today with highs possibly well into the mid-80Fs. Otherwise lower 80Fs to upper 70Fs over most of Central and much cooler north of I4 to I10.

WEDNESDAY:Frontal boundary still slow to work south and into Central Florida perhaps not until early Thursday morning. Continued warm (outside of cloud cover) , e.g. 'above to near average for this time of year'.  Rain chance has shifted since last blog post from the 2pm -10pm time frame to a  about a 4AM - 9AM time frame Thursday morning or about 12 hours later.

THURSDAY: Front to clear Central as it stands now by noon time Thursday (probably sooner); cooler but not cold temperatures this day and perhaps some lingering cloud cover.

FRIDAY: Overall, this day appears might be a surprise 'cold afternoon' day with little warming after sunrise due to a chance of cloud cover and a 'cold air wedger'  down the east coast   into Central Brevard from NE winds off the cold shelf waters. Some guidance goes so far to imply some rain showers but would hold off on that for now.

Water Fountain at the  Cape Canaveral Resort 

SATURDAY: Easterlies ensure over night with temperatures holding steady near the coast to even warming a bit; suspect we might see a lot of stratocumulus clouds and maybe some light spritz of rain into late morning or early afternoon as a result near the coast, but it would be a low end chance with highs in the lowers 70Fs to upper 60Fs near the east coast north of Vero Beach.

SUNDAY-THURSDAY: This time frame so far shows normal to above normal temperatures for the 5 day stretch as winds become more southeast to south for an EXTENDED period of time. Possibly an interior shower or two due to sea breeze convergence mainly SW Florida on Sunday but otherwise dry and quite pleasant to close out Febru-Dreary, thankfully the shortest month.  

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