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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Looks Like a Beach Day

Photographers Capturing a Cape Canaveral Sunrise

Today's by-line pretty much sums it up. The set up for today is similar to yesterday's, but even less foreboding for rain than yesterday.

#1: It is even drier aloft than yesterday, and unlike yesterday there is no pocket of very moist air aloft looming on the horizon at the level of the atmosphere that would yield storms.
#2: Sea-breeze initiation will be earlier 11am, thus giving the coast less time to become unstable and form rainshowers.
There is moisture out there, but it's all trapped below about 10,000ft. Expect to see some coastal cumulus clouds begin by 10am and start to fill the sky, particularly from Melbourne and points south in toward Lake Okeechobee. They might even grow fairly robust with soft, fuzzy edges indicative of the warm air aloft (which is not conducive for further vertical upward extent).

Not expecting a strong sea-breeze per-se until late afternoon where the typical 10-15mph breeze will be fully entrenched and most of the clouds along the coast will have by that time been torn apart or simply dissipated due to low level forcing mechanisms being destroyed by the stronger low level winds.

Additionally, with the earlier onset of the sea-breeze today, do not expect the temperature to get up to nearly 95 degrees today like it did in Cape Canaveral yesterday. Could get up to near 90 though then hang around 87 the rest of the day.

All in all, it looks like a good day for the beach with no fears of lightning expected, at least not up this way. Having a hard time for finding an argument for lightning anywhere today except maybe St. Lucie and Okeechobee Counties.

Monday and points on? Not much change early in the day but a gradually moistening of the 700mb layer will be in progress although kind of doubt it will be sufficient enough to generate any significant storm won't be until Wednesday that things get interesting with the approaching of a possible inverted trough (tropical wave) from the southeast which may merge and dissipate just east of the state with the upper level trough that will be nearby. Rainfall chances in any case could go up a notch each day with Wednesday and Thursday appearing the most likely time for widespread rain/convection at this time.

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