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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

More Storm Activities - Pockets of Stronger Wind Gusts "East Central"

Sunshine Starts  Wednesday

TODAY: Slight variation of the same thing and same appears to be the case tomorrow as well. What that 'variation' as usual entails is the usual day-by-day predicament in the shorter term.

KSC sounding came in with a remarkable PWAT of 2.06" (compare to winter when it can be less that 1/4" at times). Most moisture is evenly distributed throughout the column and steering is from the west about about 8-11 mph or so toward the east. East coast sea breeze should again be able to form and make only inland progress as far as perhaps US-1 to I-95 with a few clouds and maybe showers going up on to the east of it most anywhere along the east coast earlier this afternoon.

Red Zone is Only "for Example" 
West coast regime of showers and some thunder going early and pressing east and increasing in coverage as time passes after late morning into early afternoon...mostly West Central and to the north toward Cedar Key or so.  

Highest coverage today should generally be south of I 10 and north of a line running from Vero Beach to South Tampa Bay or Sarasota (that is to say, all of North Central and a bit of South Central).

Some storms could have a peak wind gust or two in the 50 mph range as was the case yesterday but those will be few and very far between.

THURSDAY: Again, looks like a similar day. The SPC is already calling for marginal severe coverage both this day and Friday in almost the exact same region as just described above both days so time will tell. Latest guidance available on 'this end' does not imply any such thing, but then is looking way 'healthier' than it was suspected it would be, at least so far, mainly in the coverage aspect

BEYOND: Frontal boundary might not make it as far south as surmised yesterday. How far south will have a short term affect on what effect that ambient weather will be locally. Now it is saying no further then Central with low pressure forming off east of East Central but first developing along the wave/front over the peninsula itself. Whether any of these scenarios will manifest is too soon to say. It might be picking up on something else ...another signal that is trigger this configuration but just exactly what, cannot say for now as we eye   the future. 

Guidance shows high coverage of rain and early initiation both Friday and Saturday..however, this might end up being cloud cover instead but skeptical about that at this point. That was what was in the MIA Forecast Discussion at least but do not see why that would be the case at this point.

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