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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Pattern Changed Overnight: Risk of Late Storms , Less Cloud Cover

June 30, 2018, Cape Canaveral 
TODAY: Pattern change began late yesterday and will be in full swing by noon time today. That being, surface and steering winds aloft have swung around to more of a southwest through northwest (aloft) component, as opposed to easterly through southerly. So in essence, today is a totally different day from the past two days...

It's too early as of this writing to know what temperatures aloft are doing, though the short range RAP indicates some cooling aloft might occur later in the day toward evening. 

It appears we might see a 'state divided' today, with  the South Half and Panhandle going mainly 'earlier in the period' with the North - East Side of the state going up (with activity) mainly later in the day into the early evening. Appears a weak vorticity slot (upper energy) might rotate across North /North Central early evening.

Net effect between solely sea/lake breeze driven activity over the southern portions of the state, while the east coast north of the area around Vero Beach toward Melbourne Beach might not see much going on other than an isolated shower/storm or two until late afternoon into early evening (maybe even after 8 pm ) .

TUESDAY: Things will continue to change as high pressure begins to take on a greater influence, with steering beginning to shift favoring solely the interior and eventually west side of the state. There will also be 'some' drying, but not enough to suppress  showers/storms completely albeit in the presence of warmer air aloft as well, thus reducing storm strength. High temperatures (mainly west of I95 could reach mid-upper 90Fs for a few days , e.g. 'Sanford')

WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY: It looks unlikely the East side of the state will see any rain mid-late week with steering favoring the far interior to west side, in a reduced fashion. 4th of July looks dry for folks in the east.

NEXT WEEKEND and BEYOND: This is too far out for accuracy, though currently inclinations and given the time of year, wouldn't hold on to a 'dry forecast' for long. Saturday could be the beginning of an upward trend for storms progressing eastward across the state -- taking hold to that trend through much of 'next' week (not this upcoming one). Time will tell.

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