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Friday, August 17, 2012

Twist of Fate Day Explained, Strong/Severe Warned Possible

Activity over Gulf Could send an Outflow Boundary out across North Half of State Too Early
TODAY: "Twist of Fate' Meaning a twist to the day's forecast contingent upon what occurs with that large storm cluster off shore in the Gulf. If outflow occurs and blows across the North Half, then storms might try to initiate to early before the east coast sea breeze has a grasp on the situation and before instability can build up. That possibility at this time is indeterminable and even so might not make that much of a difference, only to prevent stronger activity there. Strongest activity well could be further south though from Central Osceola toward South Brevard and southward toward Lake Okeechobee toward West Palm, but not anyone appears to be immune to impossibles. Even earlier activity could form near the Cape as soon as the sea breeze starts by 2pm.

Otherwise, cool temperatures aloft are again forecast in the mid-levels across Central although some guidance paints the entire state being cooler at those levels. With no inhibition and ample moisture, that also means an early start (somewhere). 

It does appear a 'boundary' is in the making from Bradenton to south Central Brevard and suspect some tricky mis-guided doings and surprises are in today's package of tricks along those lines especially toward the east coast.  Earlier activity less strong, stronger activity after 4pm per yesterday's chain of limited events except toward East Central. Steering is also stronger toward the east all regions and earlier activity will only enhance the effects from outflows toward the coast, strongest north of West Palm by a few miles per hour, thus activity should not dawdle as much as yesterday along the Indian River of Brevard and south, lingering longer South Central to parts of Southern portions.

It would be pertinent to be aware of activity AS it forms today, as the first bolts oft occur outside of the rain area, or when it is barely raining. This holds true for beach goers as well. If you hear thunder, it's best to make head way away to safe shelter, meaning the inside of a building. If one does not hear thunder but sees towering clouds, same holds true even more so!... leapin' 'lizards' know no miles even, zap.

BEYOND: No change from previous post, day by day basis analysis for showers and thunder possible through the weekend and at least into early next week. .

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