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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Today's Forecast Picture Says But One Word

Today: One look outside looks not much different than it does from outer space, other than from there the clouds are white; how interesting of a day that would be to see from the ground and be looking up, nothing but a cloudy white as opposed to grey. The trough shown in purple at the surface and into the upper levels makes slow leeway east and south during the next 48 hours. For today, there are some Florida Oranges drawn in to indicate tangerine dreams thunder at best almost anywhere, but two locations seem to have a best shot though not shown here. One being Dead Central interior very late today toward the east coast southward toward Palm Beach County. The other area is the NE Quadrant of the State as far south as Ormond Beach where thunder has already occurred. There is only two storms state wide even at 220pm in the afternoon, and they are on opposite sides of the state and barely moving. Steering remains weak as does heating due to the cloud cover, and with little sign of a surface boundary and so far no apparent easst coast sea breeze (or barely) forcing should be fairly weak and the surface if there is any boundary interactions at all.

THURSDAY/FRIDAY: Possibly a better chances of storms or rain showers North Central and south of there almost any time, but Thursday and/or Friday might be able to yield a strong storm risk in there. All contingent upon the amount of early morning and overnight Gulf Stream activity which shreds high level clouds across the state when or if they do occur.  The GFS is showing reduced high level cloudiness (moisture) overnight later tonight but that could easily change if more storms generate well to the west of the state. If the day dawns sunny, the chance of rain is better.

BEYOND: Really no change to forecast reasoning from yesterday or days before. Boundary will have worked Southward into South Central or South Florida on Saturday with a deeper easterly (but rather light) flow. This could result in early morning to overnight showers close to the east coast progressing inland during the day. The GFS is consistent that this highly unusual May pattern (which is acting more like the middle to late summer minus the warmer surface temperature) could continue to months end.   That is a big stretch, but the gist is not expecting any astounding or earth shattering changes in the overall pattern from Friday and beyond, although that shalt change in the days ahead.

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