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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

"The wind blows to the south and turns to the north; round and round it goes, ever returning on its course".

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wear Layers Through Wednesday

Layers of the Skin. Layers of Clothes Add Protection to our nerves and warmth  from Wind Driven Cold Air That Penetrates the Top Layers of Our Skin. This added layer (s) will be necessary in varying 'degrees' through Wednesday. By Thursday late morning, we can start shedding.

TODAY: Not doubt it is cold outside today, even in the sun. In the sun protected, but wind driven shade it's a different story, downright nippy. As of 1:15pm it is 43F degrees at this location from home, colder still to the North and North West. Far cry from summer's 93F at this time. No need really to go into any fine details, since this is the story, with none other to discuss. The high pressure circulation drawing south the cold air will rotate more toward the state than retreat back to the west a bit tomorrow as another 'short wave' ripple in the atmosphere passes by. This will only change the wind direction back toward the WNW as it begins to retard in strength in the next 48 hours. Nonetheless, the cold air will continue tomorrow, albeit a bit warmer tomorrow by several degrees after noon time. What is very interesting is that dew points are running in the single digits in some locations around the Central and Northern Portions of the state..with lighter winds tonight..this will allow the ambient outside air temperature to fall all the more. Thus, there is FREEZE WARNINGS in affect for basically everyone who reads this post, except far toward South Florida and east side very close to the beaches from Brevard and south.

WEDNESDAY: Cold morning everywhere except as shown in the image below...that is to say, it's all relative. The east coast from near Canaveral and South will likely be spared the worst with a low in the 33F- 38F range, but elsewhere lows will range from the teens to low 20Fs near and north of I-10, warming toward the mid-20Fs to low 30Fs range most other areas statewide except as shown in the image. Blue indicates 30Fs and 20Fs...the narrow green along the east coast is closer to 40F, but this might be just a tad too warm as indicated by the latest GFS surface temperature depicted.

Note the 'green' along the coasts. Yet, blue extends well into the interior southern portions of the state. Light winds over  the Panhandle could drop the temperature shown here significantly lower than shown here, especially with the very low dewpoint temperatures into the teens and single digits.
BEYOND: The biggest jump upward in temperature first appears will occur on Friday afternoon, and from there on out through the weekend we will be returning to climactic norms, with lows in the 40Fs to lower 50Fs, and highs in the 70Fs. No rain on the horizon yet.

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