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Friday, March 19, 2010

Chamber of Commerce Weekend (For the Most Part)


Chamber of Commerce Weather: Any type of sunny weather that would attract visitors to your city. In Atlanta, that means 65 degrees and sunny on a Saturday in February.

SYNOPSIS: Low pressure off the SE U.S. Coast will drift NE and be replaced by high pressure building eastward across the central Gulf of Mexico. The high pressure will drift directly overhead this evening and be situated just east of the state by Saturday morning as a developing cold front moves into the Dixie region by late in the day. This front will approach peninsular Florida late Sunday. As a result. a beautiful but only slightly cool weekend is in store for East Central Florida.

TODAY: Cool start to the morning with a temperature in the low-mid 50s will warm to 70 or a notch above that today. As stated yesterday, right along the beach side the temperature may initially rise to this level but drop to about 68 degrees once a very light c-breeze develops by mid-afternoon. The sky will be partly cloudy but mostly sunny.

TONIGHT: Clear with a low in the mid 50s.

SATURDAY: Stellar with a high in the low-mid 70s area wide. The Chamber of Commerce has come to town. Winds will be light from the SE-SSE at less than 10mph area wide

SUNDAY: A warmer morning with a low around 63 degrees. The day will dawn sunny and clear with a few patches of very light fog.

SUNDAY AFTERNOON: The warmest day we've had this year thus far with a high in the mid-upper 70s. Some inland locations will be flirting with 80 degrees. Increasing high and low level clouds by mid-afternoon as the cold front approaches.

SUNDAY EVENING: We will start to directly experience impacts of the approaching front as it moves ever so closer. Increasing clouds at all levels. We will also introduce a chance of rain by mid-late evening. Maybe even a rumble of thunder, but as of now that chance looks minimal.

MONDAY: Will dawn cloudy and possibly rainy. But not to fret, the rain will move out by late morning and the sky will slowly start to clear. Even though a front will have gone through we won't get cold. In fact, by Wednesday temperatures will rebound back into the mid-upper 70s once again. No big rains, or any for that matter, are on the horizon after they end Monday morning.

The next post to this blog will be made Monday morning as I will be out of pocket this weekend. Have a great first weekend of early spring type weather!

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