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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Benign Weather For Central Florida Is Coming to an End

Image: That last launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis on 2:20pm EDT 5/14/2010

Synopsis: The seemingly relentless ridge of high pressure that has been influencing the weather across all of Florida is finally going to be breaking down and shifting further east into the Atlantic during the next 12-24 hours.

Greater atmospheric moisture and Southeast - south winds will overspread the region by late Sunday and especially Monday and Tuesday.

TODAY: One more day of monotony. Continuing the status quo weather of the past week with comfortable temperatures and off and on scattered clouds. East winds in the afternoon of 10-18mph. No rain.

SUNDAY: Transition day. The high pressure system that has had its lock on the area will finally be moving out in its entirety. The area first to realize the changes will be southwest Florida. The central portion of the state will see an increase in clouds though at all levels as the wind becomes more southeasterly.

SUNDAY NIGHT: More clouds move in as winds continue for the SE to SSE. A muggy and warmer night in-store.

MONDAY- TUESDAY: Partly cloudy to cloudy with a south wind as a frontal system pulls in across the state. The boundary along with afternoon sea breeze convergences in the afternoon hours will interact to generate bountiful rain shower and thunderstorm activity, assisted by somewhat colder temperatures aloft.

There are hints that rainfall could occur just about anytime from late Monday through Tuesday in its having an umbrella handy just might be something we'll need to consider.

Some storms could be strong, especially by mid afternoon Monday! We'll need to keep our eyes and ears perked for this time frame as it gets closer.

WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY: Looks like a drying out time period as it stands now for the center part of the state, but the rainy conditions will continue from Sebastian to Sarasota and points south into the weekend; however, an minor change in the expected pattern could translate to rain chances continuing for the central portions as well, so this bears watching.

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