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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Big Warm up on Sunday!

Early Afternoon Visible Satellite Imagery and Notes Referring To Sunday to Come
TODAY :  Cloud cover looks like it could continue south of I-4 for much of the remainder of the day. Though some clearing is sinking southward there might still remain some higher clouds later to come with the lower sun angel that would create the illusion of no significant change overall with the lower sun angle after 4pm. Otherwise, continued quite cool with upper 50Fs to around 60F most areas and lower 60Fs further south. 

TONIGHT-THURSDAY : Thursday might compete with this morning in some areas with low temperatures but the 17F degrees reported in two official locations in the northern panhandle might be hard to beat and don't' suspect those readings will be eclipsed. Lighter wind tonight though and more clearing than last night might permit some areas inland to come down a few notches from this mornings lows across parts of Central except right at the immediate beach from Canaveral and south where a more northerly wind might allow temperatures to be a few degrees warmer than last night. Wind to become more north to north north east on Thursday but the warm up will only be minimal with highs in the mid 60Fs most areas.

FRIDAY :  Winds over night become more NNE-ENE which should keep the overnight lows much warmer at the beach-sides with highs closer to the lower 70Fs but perhaps a bit breezy, otherwise nothing much to speak of.

SATURDAY-SUNDAY  :  A very potent disturbance coming out of South Central Texas will swoop across the Deep South rapidly from Saturday through Monday toward the Mid-Atlantic states, but a cold front is not in toe with it. This system could set up for some strong storms and maybe some tornadoes near the Gulf Coast from Eastern Texas, Louisiana and even toward the Western Florida Panhandle going into early Sunday. Otherwise, return southerly flow over Florida will commence in earnest over night Saturday through Sunday. 

So far guidance is greatly varied as to when rain chances resume..anywhere from late Friday to early Sunday for eastern portions of South Florida to work north with time. The GFS is consistent on Sunday before sunrise for east central though, and this might need to be watched a bit closely as wind profiles do show some directional and speed shear..though suspect if anything beyond a rain shower were to occur it would remain out over the Gulf Stream.  Later in the day though east central is showing a chance for a thunderstorm (?) ...and even a strong one. If so, it would be a very odd anomaly but nonetheless it's impossible to ignore the wind profiles accompanied by the quick rebound in instability Sunday afternoon which the GFS (Global Forecast System model) is depicting.

MONDAY :  Very warm with highs in the lower to mid--80Fs (very close to Sunday's high temperatures) but it appears Monday will remain dry but for parts of North Florida.

TUESDAY  and .... : Not going to discuss this time frame just yet, though guidance is consistent with a cold front to be across Central 'sometime' Tuesday, but what affects and for how long those 'affects' will be in the area (namely rain/thunder chances) is too far out in time to bother noting for now.  

 .... BEYOND: Likewise, guidance bounces around on what is to occur by Thursday of next week (Thanksgiving) other than by then any cold front should have cleared the state, at least as it stands now. Likely will not post again concerning the weekend rain chances and beyond for another 48 hours or even 72 hours. Until then, expect the weekend over all to be very nice except the rain chances from south to north late Saturday into early Sunday, and maybe another chance late Sunday afternoon east Central. Warmest on Sunday though and again on Monday with 80Fs stoking the air waves once again. Phew!  

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