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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Very Pleasant Through Thursday

Today's post will be brief as there is little in the 'remotely significant' department to allude to. The cold front passed through last night, and the result is noticeable this morning with a temperature in the pre-dawn hours in the upper 50s most areas. Melbourne seems to be the exception as they are in the low-50s. Regardless, today should be characterized by off and on high cirrus clouds ('mares tails') and a light west wind. Not sure we'll reach 70s degrees today, but with enough sun and light winds it doesn't really matter much.
Tomorrow will likely start out a tad cooler under essentially calm wind as high pressure at the surface will be encompassing the peninsula. We might have to be on the watch for patchy fog, but that would be of little consequence and probably unbeknownst to most. The wind remain very light all day with a high near 70.
The warming trend begins Tuesday and continues through Thursday, as do some clouds. But all in all it will be a quiet first 3 days of the work week, at least. The bug-a-boo (where it can get interesting) begins Thursday. Current thinking is that there's a good chance of showers or perhaps thunderstorms (some strong) Thursday afternoon. However, if subsequent model runs do what this last one did, the guilty party (generating storm system) might track too far north for it to have much more than minimal impact on the area. This yet to be developing situation will be monitored in the coming days.
For now, though, our weather will be dictated by a zonal southern branch jet which is flowing along overhead mainly just to the latitudinal north of us aloft...and high pressure stretched across the northern Gulf of Mexico at the surface and mid-levels. The main thing to be watched in coming days is just how much of a crimp in the jet stream the next system can create. The more 'crimping' we get...the more affect we'll feel from the next in the circus train of systems coming in from Southern California. Yes, Southern California is in for their 10 days of annual weather. The other 355 days there are totally uneventful. If one likes it quiet weatherwise then San Diego is the place for you (other than these 10 days).
Warmer days here in the mid-upper 70s to begin Wednesday through Saturday regardless...even if the rain chances currently being portrayed verify. No big cool down anywhere on or beyond the horizon.

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