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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Are We Home Yet?

The first storm pictures I ever took as a 12 year old lay above
The answer to that question is as expected a resounding NO. Meaning, we're not home to any siggy rain or storms and more of the same. I'm starting to sound and feel like a broken record. And why do they say that anyway. Wouldn't it be the record player that's broken? A broken record can't make any sound to sound like. Enough of the philosophy lesson, time to get down to the meteorology of the moment.
As expected, the high pressure system that had originally brought us all the cool air (remember that?) has moved on well into the Atlantic. As a result, we will receive return flow out of the southeast today with no dynamics and drier air aloft. However, things look a fraction of a air better today for a possible morning shower near the coast that would be very low topped and whimpy, whimpy, whimpy.

Meanwhile, the mean cold front will be approaching western Florida but will likely never make it there as it's main energy source will be gyration off to the NNE and stretching the front as if on a torture stretcher. Torture for us is what it is. There still appears that lower pressure and a big puddle of moisture will approach southeast Florida during the course of the day but never reach here until at least overnight. I don't think there will ever be a collision of forces as the front will be long gone. Really not much to say for today despite how hard I've tried. I would give today being just short of a nil chance of rain, but there is that remote chance so as I begrudgingly hang my head I might just maybe. But don't sweat it.
In fact, it could be late Sunday when any real chance materializes. I'd have to say that the highlight for the next few days will be nice warm temperatures. But I wouldn't lather up the sunscreen just yet, as there may be periods of clouds just like yesterday. I'm too tired to write much more this morning. It's hard to dig up material when there's nothing to write about anyway. I think I hear the weekend knocking...gotta go answer the door.
On another note, I added a new video over there to the right. The top one. I was working all night to swap in the right audio and finally got it there but wouldn't you know that YouTube had some other trick up its sleeve and took it from me without asking. So I kept trying to get audio for it, but if it wasn't one thing it was another so I finally gave up and determined that YouTube is "broken" right now. So if you happen to watch it, the accompaniment is not of my choosing but rather the system's.

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