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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Winter - For Real - Arriving As I Write This Post

Microscopic View of Frost. Note the amazing order in this realm of frozen moisture madness

TODAY: No need for a weather map today. Fact is, a cold front is passing down the peninsula this morning as the sun rises, and will continue onward to the South beyond the southern tip. What's there to see? Wind behind the front will come from the NW around 12-18mph, possibly breezier toward the Barrier Islands as cold air intrusion collides with warmer air  wafting just above the waters of the rivers...although strong winds are not really anticipated , the wind chill will become notable by late in the day as the sun starts to set and we lose solar heating within its capacity. Highs not likely to get out of the 60Fs today except toward South Central and South Florida.

TONIGHT/TUESDAY : Another influx of cold air tonight on continued NW winds. Coldest overnight to early morning since last winter earlier in that season. Lows in the low-mid 40Fs coasts, mid 30Fs through low 40Fs interiors. The National Weather Service is already sending out the alert of a wind chill advisory for all of Tuesday through at least late morning, apparent temperatures in the 20Fs. Some areas toward the North could see some upper 30Fs, with highs possibly not making it out of the 40Fs on Tuesday after the second surge. Time to pay the winter piper's dues at long last. The inevitable arrived.

WEDNESDAY: Possible frost away from the immediate coast, as well as some freezing temperatures toward Northern interior of North Central, but 30Fs are possible as far south as NW Dade County in rural Miami area and elsewhere, everywhere statewide (other than the Keys). Closer to 40F from the Barriers of Southern Volusia and South along the east coast within a mile or so of any coastline, except the Panhandle and all of Northern Florida where it will be colder. Lighter winds just might allow for frost formation, impacting agricultural interests of any kind, including home plants that are outside. 

Thankfully, the lower wind speed will reduce the wind chill factor, with the chill factor being the resident occupant. In other words, cold by our standards and what we have been acclimatized  toward. Point blank, we're not used to this. Thermostats might have to come on to heat mode. I have yet to turn mine on since that last time it was turned off a long time ago last year. A little warmer by afternoon though than on Tuesday with highs in the 50Fs to lower -mid 60Fs (South Florida).

THURSDAY/FRIDAY: Very cool/cold starts, but it does not look like it will not be as cold as Wednesday morning. Warmer in the afternoons as well, and from the afternoon onward subsequent days should be progressively warmer , approaching near normal for the weekend.

WEEKEND: Back to where we started, like yesterday's weather. Another front or two is forecast to press through heading into week two of January, but not with the impact of these two that are front and center. Will this be the worst that winter has to offer this year? I have doubts, but so far, that is what is being depicted by the overnight run of the Global Forecast System into mid-month.

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