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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Virgina and NC Take A Pounding - As We Clear Out

Above you can see a few areas that have been outlined. Primarily, I wanted to point out the position of the coastal low and high pressure to the north of that. The pressure gradient between the two is what's causing tropical storm force gusts along the immediate coasts of North Carolina and Virginia early this morning. I've also highlighted in black the areas that I think will be MOST impacted overall from this setup through least. The low is moving very little to none as of this time, so those folks are really in for a ride. Lots of erosion, power outages, and inland flooding...all with the temperature in the 50s...YUCK.

Locally, an associated cold front finally dragged its heals through around 3-4am. Behind the front, as you can see from the satellite image, is a substantial amount of low clouds. We did get that tad bit of clearing yesterday...if not almost clear around sunset...but as was surmised the clearing was short-lived and followed by a dense overcast within an hour after sunset. And such was the case all it will be much of today. There could be some good breaks off and on during the course of the day...but the best chance of the whole mess clearing out will be sometime between 3-4pm. I think we'll be very lucky to even see 70 degrees today. Cold air is being advected (transported) down the state under a healthy dose of NW winds. And with all the clouds around we'll be hard pressed to get a substantial amount of heating to boost the mercury in the thermometer up to the 7-0 notch. Just exactly when the clouds will fully clear out is a bit up in the air, but I'm going to err on the side of optimism (for a change)..and say by 4pm it'll be breaking up, if not sooner.

I'm going to close the windows tonight 'cause it's going to feel a bit chilly with the winds holding up to around 10mph overnight. Because of the wind fairly uniform in strength and direction across all of East-Central Florida the temperature variations won't be all that great Friday morning. ..I'm guessing somewhere around 54 along the immediate coast and maybe 51 west of the Indian River. The big morning temperature differences will be realized more on Saturday and Sunday mornings as the wind really lets up and the atmosphere decouples over night, with Sunday morning being the biggy as far as differences go. But the thing is, by 10am most locales will even out and be quite nice with highs in the mid 70s on Saturday and Sunday. The wind doesn't look like it's going to swing around to an easterly component with any vigor until at least Tuesday, hence any chance of sprinkles induced by onshore winds (and associated clouds)...appears to be out of the question until AT LEAST then..and maybe much much later.

There is not a storm system in sight right now that will impact east central Florida for possibly a week now. So once these clouds clear out and the temperatures moderate there will be little to write about. Hmmm...I guess that's a good thing. Have to think of nice things to write about for a change :-)

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