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Monday, August 26, 2013

"Front" Clears Central, Pattern Shift Late Week at Last

"Twin Towers" - Cape Canaveral/Cocoa Beach, Florida
Two Thunderstorms Waltz Ashore in Dance

TODAY: Weak surface front has snuck through overnight which persisted near North and North Central during the weekend making for some odd summer weather, more like a hint of a fall pattern from the wind directions at times. But, that boundary managed to become embedded with the large scale High Pressure Circulation centered near and over the Central U.S.and will lose identity in the next 48 hours. Higher in the atmosphere, the higher pressure is further east and norht. It will gradually flatten and retrograde  beginning around Wednesday.  

Today overall won't seem all that different than the past two days nor will the next day or two seem all that different, but changes are in the works most and first notably on Wednesday.

WEDNESDAY: Through Tuesday might be a bit like today, timing of moisture pockets and where it will or will not rain is a guess. Wednesday a ridge axis will lie across Central resulting in very light winds at multiple atmospheric levels is anticipated as of this morning. 

The issue for rainfall might be lack of moisture for a period of time, but some isolated earlier day showers near the coast are always possible especially as the sea breeze begins to emerge toward the coast and work inland of the east coast .

THURSDAY: Similar to Wednesday with varying amounts of moisture available for the capacity of shower and thunder generation. So far, guidance is showing there will again be some moisture lacking; only anticipate isolated activity.

FRIDAY/SUNDAY: Ridge axis by two major player models is shown to drop toward South Florida with a SW to WSW steering..that is to say..storm motion toward the east, but very slow. Sea breeze convergence and more moisture will increase the capacity for storm generation this weekend through Monday if not longer over the interior with a slant toward the more needed east coast. The west coast has been getting the focus for late day storms up until yesterday when cloud cover put the lid on storm generation for the most part.

MONDAY and BEYOND: Time frame is too far out for reliability, but the wind fields still show good sea breeze convergence days. Two major players models had been showing some big tropical activity to spark up in the mid southern Atlantic to approach the U.S for a few days, but over night that suddenly vanished. Doesn't really mean anything though. We are approaching the most active tropical time of the Tropical Storm Season.

"Blue Button/ Capped Jellyfish have been making an appearance this summer"

"Morning Glow and Rain Bow"

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