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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Statewide Thunder/Lightning Spell Commences Today With Points of Interest

Image and "Points of Interest" are only for general purposes as a depiction. Localized effects and usual storm and 'wind boundary'  interactions will dictate the overall rain coverage outcome as the day wears on, and determine overall heaviest storm activity and rainfall totals
TODAY: As delineated yesterday, today marks a full  turn in the pattern of past days. Plentiful moisture and moderate to nearing strong low level instability with light steering should result in plentiful sea and lake breeze interactions. One fatality occurred as a result of lightning and one from rip currents the other day, so beachgoers beware especially during the outgoing tide after 11:30AM time frame through mid afternoon. Also nothing that depending on where first activity goes up and how strong it is, the resultant collapse and cooling outflows of said activity could clear out fairly large areas from ever seeing rain in those nearby areas.

NOW: Latest KSC upper level sounding shows a 10kt wind from just above ground to 3000 ft. . This should (if correct and remains that way) hold off inland east coast sea breeze penetration to much of a degree until early afternoon, but allow a very shallow one to form). The next effect 'could' be for activity to begin to form very close toward the Cape Kennedy area. With such light winds just above that level (less than 6 mph)...funnel clouds in any newly forming activity are not entirely out of the question should something manage to form that is. Same might hold true for activity near Lake Okeechobee's coastal counties, if not more so. Otherwise, both sea breezes will work inland today, but exactly which one will be the most dominant at this time is impossible to say for sure if either one is in fact dominant.

TODAY: Ultimately, today will be a very typical summer day of storms with happenchance showers and storms forming indeterminately at first but grow in coverage and strength into mid-late afternoon. Be on guard for the first showery looking activity which so far is not shown to form until early afternoon after 1pm. The first bolts of the day can prove to be the most 'deadly' (although all bolts are) as they are not preceded by earlier forebearers  of warning. By late day it becomes more obvious. 

Funnels could be possible today, if not a landspout type formation, but those are way too far and few between to include in most forecast packages from the NWS. Most areas could be clouded over by sunset other than some coastal areas toward North Florida. 

BEYOND INTO TUESDAY: We might squeak out another state wide active day through Tuesday. Guidance seems to imply a weak tropical wave like entity passing across around Wednesday making for early day coastal showers on that day and perhaps a day or so after that as well. Otherwise, it's a call it as it comes forecast situation. The only other out of this norm is that around Saturday or Sunday the SW steering might greatly hold off the east coast sea breeze if not entirely one or two days, especially north of the Cape area if not as far south as the Vero Beach area...or limiting it too a very shallow sea breeze to within one mile of the coast. Those will be quite warm and muggy days no doubt for even the beaches. Slap on the tanning butter' Rock Lobster'.

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