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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Near Record Highs Today - Small Chance of Shower/Storm Far East Side

Will There 'Be a Catch of the Day' .... Today?

Example of a 'Catch of The Day' last September at the KSC South Gate  -  Looking North
TODAY: Models in agreement today of low precipitation coverage, but in disagreement on where what little if any falls, will be. For two days the NAM has said Brevard County and south but very isolated to almost none. The GFS has said from Brevard County and north but has been decreasing in coverage with every model run. The latest RAP went from some coverage to close to none other than two showers south of Brevard.

All in all today looks like a classic early season very warm to hot day for the time of years with highs in the lower to some mid 90Fs East Central Half to eastern South Central mainly with increasing SW winds. Moisture will be working from south to north fairly rapidly mid-late morning, but during the heat of the day the Central region some moisture levels might be lost out to the atmosphere making for merely some 'pretty  clouds' but not much more .  

The focus would seem to be closer toward I-95 (if not US1) and east where any sea-breeze would be running a bit parallel to the coast and up the intracoastals as it attempts to work inland to  replace the rising air lost to the atmosphere over inland peninsula but being off set by pressure gradient wind on the synoptic (larger) scale from the SW from the surface to 2000 ft AGL.  Overall forecast RAP sounds would seem to indicate hardly even a rain chance most areas. 

SUNDAY: Looks to be just as scant if not more so with no sea breeze in place and lock of a focus mechanism (boundary) . Some areas equally warm but high temperatures might not be quite as warm as today due to the chance of more clouds. Noting that the Storm Prediction Center at time is watching mainly the North half for a marginal 'risk' of severe ...though that would imply if a storm can even form. The risk area might go away in later forecasts.

MONDAY-WEDNESDAY: Not going to touch on these much as surface front inches southward aligned   east-west into North Florida with time . Moisture along the boundary, possibly disturbances riding over it, and ample moisture further south could result in rain chances near it at almost any time which would disrupt the diurnal heating cycle to a small degree (or perhaps more) and in turn affect the rain type (showers vs. thunder) and  locations as well as the degree of instability during the afternoons which could be offset by antecedent cloud cover. Overall the trend has been that it will rain in many locations between Monday to Wednesday but eventually the front passes through resulting in cooling to seasonal norms if not a bit lower some mornings and several continuous dry days. 

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