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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Severely "Clear and Pleasant" Today

 Severe  -  strict in judgment, discipline, or government
SYNOPSIS: High pressure both at the surface and aloft will dominant the weather across East Central Florida through Saturday. A few sparse cirrus clouds may whisp over the region as we will be under anticyclonic curvature aloft. At the surface, high pressure will move across the N. Gulf of Mexico and be directly overhead by Friday morning providing for prime radiational cooling.
TODAY: Abundant sunshine!!  Even though it's still dark out I'd bet my bottom dollar it will be clear upon rising of the sun. The temperature in Cape Canaveral as of 6am is around 67 degrees, with lower temperatures inland. Wind is calm.
Expect a morning low around 66 degrees with clear skies and calm winds.  Temperatures will be quick to warm with a high reaching around 80 degrees by noon time.
Inland areas today will reach the low 80s, whereas I'm anticipating a weak sea breeze of 5mph or less to develop along the immediate coast east of US-1 by the 1-2 pm time frame during the peak heating hours.  This should temper down the temperature a bit over the very immediate coastal communities to around 78 degrees, whereas inland areas will feel no affect of the cooler, modified oceanic air mass.
TONIGHT: A night with prime radiational cooling with high pressure center both at the surface and aloft directly overhead. Lows along the coast will actually be modified upward of what they could be along the A1A corridor because of close proximity to the ocean. Lows in the mid-60s along the coast and closer to 61 west of the Banana River.
FRIDAY-SATURDAY: High pressure to shift east of the state with an east wind gradually veering to ESE then SE then eventually South by Saturday.  Highs continuing the same pattern as today but warming by as much as 5 more degrees by Saturday afternoon.  The coast will continue to feel the cooling affect produced by ocean temperatures now in the low 70s each day. 
We will see a continual increase in mainly high clouds and some widely scattered cumulus clouds through out the period.
SUNDAY: The storm system that by this time will have been widely publicized due to all the severe weather it will have produced from Colorado to Alabama will be knocking on 'heaven's"  door.  Late Sunday into Sunday night/Monday morning will be the time to watch.
LATE SUNDAY/VERY EARLY MONDAY: I might be writing about the possibility of severe weather to nearly approach the area for this time frame!  More to come as the time draws nigh, but at this time I suspect we might dodge the 'severe' level bullet.

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