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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wind Chill and Freeze WARNINGS in Effect Now!

Image: Yup, that's my porch thermometer at 7AM reading 28F, and hedging toward a 27F mark during the coldest time of the morning! There's a breeze adding to the 'inconvenience''. Images also show the breadth of the cold air expanse as well as how dry the air is. Wind chill and freeze warnings are in affect!! From a 'porch perspective' this is the coldest it has been in my location in 5 years, and colder than it EVER GOT last winter by a good 5 degrees just to put things in perspective.

TODAY:An advection cold air infiltration process is in full throttle early this Tuesday morning across all parts of Florida at sunrise. Crystal clear skies and very dry air at all atmospheric levels accompany the "Polar Express". No joking here today, this is cold by Central and South Florida standards. Maybe ironically, it's not as cold in North Florida as it has been already many times this cold season where low 20s have been observed already. In fact, Tallahassee this morning is barely any colder than my porch. That's the nature of an advection cold though, sometimes.

For the remainder of the day, temperatures this afternoon will be comparable to yesterday from near Cape Canaveral to Crystal River on the West Coast. It was warmer in Melbourne yesterday than it was for its northern neighbors just to the north and in the same county (Brevard), where the mercury struggled to break out of the 40s such as in Cape Canaveral and Titusville. Such will be the case today, however, do believe that the folks south of the line I just described above will be colder today, from Melbourne all the way to Miami where temperatures will struggles with the 50s today.

TONIGHT: Another cold night in store. In my mind, as I investigated yesterday as well, it is questionable as to whether the perfect conditions will manifest for a classic radiationally 'escaping' freeze (radiational cooling) by Wednesday morning, since winds will yet to come to near or at calm as the high pressure system will still be working SSE from the lower Mississippi Valley and not quite overhead, and as such we'll still have a bit of a pressure gradient at play. And as such, some wind. Either way, tonights temperatures will likely be even colder further south where already FreezeWarnings are in place, and it might be of longer duration one where it does get to freezing. Don't think it will get any colder tomorrow over Central Florida, or not by much, than this morning.

WEDNESDAY: Widespread freezing temperatures over the entire state in the morning with record low temperatures in jeopardy of being broken -- and hopefully not the water pipes. Still very cool in the afternoon too, but with very light wind and clear skies making for much tolerable conditions. Highs over Central and South will reach the low to mid 50s everywhere, and warmer toward Lake Okeechobee, Miami, and the Keys. High pressure will be passing overhead during almost peak heating yesterday making for what will be the most pleasurable conditions possible, all temperatures aside.

WEDNESDAY EVENING -THURSDAY MORNING: The high pressure passes over the state and moves further to the ESE and into the Atlantic with return southerly component flow commencing across the South Half of the Peninsula over night. That said, Thursday morning temperatures will be a good 10 degrees warmer than days past, and afternoon temperatures will come close to following suit with widespread low to mid 60s. Again, warmer further south.

THURSDAY-FRIDAY: A storm system starts to take shape in the Deep South while Florida remains on the backside of clockwise circulation around high pressure off to the east, the result being continued SW winds and warm air advection. Another 10 degree jump in morning low temperatures along the coasts and afternoon highs approaching 70F, most likely on Friday north of a West Palm to Sarasota line where it will likely still be in the 60s on Thursday. Widespread 70s on Friday and partly cloudy skies, with a few showers popping over the Panhandle as well as over S. Florida.

FRIDAY NIGHT-SATURDAY: Storm system gathers a little more momentum and moves toward the Eastern U.S. Seaboard, dragging another cold front behind in a somewhat strangulated fashion. The approaching boundary combined with southerly winds having been in place for a good 48 hours preceding its approach will abet in the formation of clouds and rain showers, most definitely on Saturday...chances of rain for the majority of the day in place, but not an 'all day rain' by any means. We can whittle down the timing of best rain chances in a future post.

LATE SATURDAY: Cold front works through the state and a return to cold air. But nothing like what we are now experiencing. More like a seasonable cold spell that will be a kick in the bucket after these past couple of days.

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