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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Will Uncivil War Ensue on the Eastern Front Today?

THE ONE DOLLAR QUESTION? Will the East Coast Sea Breeze
Manifest Prior to arrival of the
Wicked One from the West?

TODAY THROUGH SATURDAY: There really is not enough differences in the latest GFS available to go into greater detail over what holds true for today in the next two. West Coast sea breeze is already on the march as soldier storms erupt along the front lines marching eastward. The eastern side's front remains out at sea awaiting things to heat up over the interior in advance of the infantry. All in all, other than weak showers and some storms as like yesterday with some gusty winds. guidance does show an eastern sea breeze front coming ashore mainly south of The Cape. 

From the latest HRRR it (a  respectable penetration of the east coast's side) might not occur until after the west coast sea breeze has completed it's translation eastward. If that is the case, we can expect a few spots of greater activity than others, but nothing much beyond what we've seen the past few days. Even so, if the eastern battalion decides to come ashore and make some advances..the full assault might not be realized until after the advances work offshore under the momentum of the western front pressing them back toward the Gulf Stream. 

The advantage the East has today is a bit beyond the norm, which is why this is of interest. Latest Mesoscale Analysis based on the RAP model guidance is showing a Convective Available POTENTIAL Energy over 5000+ impeding on the Cape area. This is in the lower levels of High End Potential for very strong storms (canons are loaded with ample gunpowder), with an accompanying back of of -6C on the Lifted Index scale (which is sufficient but not high end). That's a lot of punching power! But regardless, if it is over a smaller area , backs to off shore, or simply dies off, it's worth watching. The better chance of a sea breeze prior to arrival of the West Coast brigade is further south of Ft Pierce though and not where all the ammo is being stored up. Otherwise, Carry oOn !


FRIDAY/SATURDAY: Other than the same questionable sea breeze of the east, temperatures in the mid levels might cool a bit but ww'll cross that Bridge Over the River Kwai  when we get to Tomorrow Never Dies.

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