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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

"The wind blows to the south and turns to the north; round and round it goes, ever returning on its course".

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cooler Weather Thursday/Friday, But no Cold Weather To Be Seen "Yet"

"Morning Cloud Cover and Showers" - Cocoa Beach Pier Viewing SSE

TODAY: A 'patch of moisture' through the mid levels is located over East Central Florida earlier today which is expected to lift further north and shrink a bit during the late morning through early afternoon. As a result for this location, skies could be partly cloudy to mostly cloudy at times up through around 2pm perhaps with some clearing as the day wears on with a few showers. Elsewhere, as low clouds and some fog burns off temperatures especially inland could warm to the near record highs that were observed yesterday. Some showers are possible closer to I-4 , inland, later today.

TONIGHT/TOMORROW: Little change as a cold front approaches. Chance of increasing cloudiness though after late morning into the afternoon and warm. There is a migratory chance of a better shower coverage from near Mims-North Tampa Bay line and south to South Florida during the afternoon though with the tiny chance of some thunder mixed in as well, likely slightly elevated thunderstorm activity but strong storms if any are not expected to be able to materialize due to the lack of more favorable conditions. The front will also be approaching , with more showery weather close to it and just behind it across North Florida.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: The front is expected to be located near a Cape Canaveral to South Tampa Bay line sometime between 10pm to midnight time frame, accompanied by a wind shift to the North . The front should then be located over the Lake Okeechobee region by sunrise Thursday, with little to no further southward progress as it begins to washout. It might remain a bit cloudy though on ...

THURSDAY: ...with highs in the lower- mid 60Fs all day as a near shore coastal trough begins to form along the gulf Stream waters overnight into Friday.

FRIDAY: A pseudo warm front could form as a result of the nearshore coastal trough and remanent old boundary which would lift north toward I-4 . Another chance perhaps of early day cloudiness and/or fog as a result. Friday will be warmer once again with temperatures ranging in the mid-70Fs into the lowers 80Fs mainly well inland and south of I-4 depending on cloud cover.

SATURDAY/SUNDAY: Meanwhile with all this going on in the near-abouts, another true cold front will be approaching the state over the weekend from the West and Northwest. Though it will be warm again next weekend, it looks like Sunday might end up not being the better of the two days as remnant moisture begins to interact with the approaching boundary resulting in at least increasing clouds and maybe showers if not some storms by later Sunday into Sunday night. As a result, it might not be as warm on Sunday as might be hoped it could be. Saturday looks to be the better weekend day at this point.

MONDAY: This day appears might end up being more 'winter-like' but will be very short lived. Within 48 hours the story will be over, but still we might see one day of barely reaching even 60F, with the coast from the Cape South being in the lower - mid 50Fs to near 60F during the day..  but yet another front into around the mid-February time frame might introduce a more prolonged cooler period for temperatures to be running closer to normal for this time of year rather than the near-record to record breaking warmth of the past 3 days that have been experienced.

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